Advocacy and campaigns

The leading voice for the sector, CILIP promotes the importance of the library, information and knowledge management community. We work with politicians, the media, the general public and key organisations to ensure that your voice is heard and that your value is recognised.

Academic and research libraries

Librarians and information professionals in universities and colleges make a vital contribution to teaching and learning. We work to ensure that this is recognised by employers, politicians, the media and the public. 


CILIP and the Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance (LACA) advocate for a fair and balanced copyright framework which respects the rights of copyright holders whilst placing equal value on the importance of users’ liberties.


Increasing demand for ebooks is transforming the publishing landscape. We strongly support the development of elending across the UK and work with other organisations to advocate for ebook lending in all types of libraries.

Information literacy

We all rely on information every day and knowing how to find, understand and use it is vital. A key public good delivered by the library, information and knowledge management community, information literacy is a core activity of those working in schools, public libraries and in the commercial and government sectors. 

Information Management

Good information management skills, such as the effective storage, retrieval and dissemination of information, support all members of society. They are a vital part of the skills needed by library, information and knowledge management professionals.

Public libraries

Professionally delivered, high quality and relevant public libraries are vital. We work with politicians, the media, key organisations and the public to champion the contribution of public library services to literacy, learning, health and wellbeing, and employment. 

School libraries

School librarians help children and young people navigate the information world, improving their information literacy skills, and as a result, their life chances. They also make a vital contribution to teaching and learning. We believe in the value and importance of the professionally managed school library. We advocate for school libraries and librarians through our campaigns, consultation responses and ongoing public affairs activity. 


Library, information and knowledge management services across all sectors make valuable contributions to the promotion of health and patient well-being. We advocate to make sure that this is recognised. 

CILIP co-ordinates the work of the Joint Health Strategy Group along with the Society of College, National and University Libraries (Sconul). 


Library and information services are crucial to achieving access to information and freedom of expression and in fostering literacy and learning. We monitor global developments relevant to information professionals and advance the interests of our members by working with a number of international organisations.

National Libraries Day

NLD banner

The culmination of a week's worth of events in schools, college, university, workplace and public libraries across the UK, National Libraries Day highlights the great work of librarians and information professionals everywhere.

National Libraries Day will take place on Saturday 7 February 2015.

Libraries All Party Parliamentary Group

The Libraries All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) is made up of MPs and Lords from across the political spectrum. It provides information and opportunities for debate and promotes and discusses the wider information and knowledge sector including the impact of technology, skills and professional standards.

Prison libraries

CILIP believes that prisoner rehabilitation makes social and economic sense. Prison libraries and prison library staff play a key part in this by helping to improve prisoner literacy skills, encouraging a love of reading for pleasure and improving basic online skills.

Electionwatch: a CILIP campaign

CILIP Electionwatch campaign

Vote libraries, vote literacy, vote access to information at the 2015 UK General Election

In the run up to the General Election we are campaigning to highlight the importance of libraries, information and knowledge and for professionally delivered library and information services. 

We will write to all the main parties, map manifestos, publish election commentary and debate, and we are asking members to join us and campaign in their own constituencies.