We have a set of Ethical Principles and a Code of Professional Practice for our members. The Principles and Code provide a framework to help library, information and knowledge professionals who are members of CILIP to manage the responsibilities and sensitivities of their work in line with the values of the profession.

  • Ethical Principles

    CILIP's Ethical Principles set out the principles and values on which our members' conduct should be characterised.

  • Code of Professional Practice

    The Code of Professional Practice for library, information and knowledge professionals applies the ethical principles to the different groups and interests to which CILIP members must relate. The Code also makes some additional points with regard to professional behaviour.

  • Resources

    Links to resources on ethics for library, information and knowledge professionals to help with further reading and research.

  • Ethics Committee

    The Ethics Committee keeps the Ethical Principles and Code of Professional Practice under review and is a source of confidential advice to members facing ethical issues in their work.