Professional Registration

Professional Registration is the name for CILIP's internationally recognised qualifications. It is the perfect way to demonstrate your commitment to your personal development and the profession.

The value of Professional Registration

Professional Registration is an excellent way to increase your professional standing and show your colleagues, employer and potential future employers that you are a skilled and reflective LIS practioner.

What level is right for you?

There are three levels of professional registration, so whichever stage you are at in your career, there is a level of Professional Registration that directly correlates with your experience and your knowledge.

Getting started

Ready to get started? Then make your way over to the CILIP VLE to enrol and start putting your portfolio together.


Mentors support candidates working on Chartership, Certification and Fellowship. They understand the Professional Registration processes, are trained in mentoring skills and becoming a mentor can improve your ability to develop and nurture your own staff while learning new ideas and approaches from other professionals. Many mentors value the feeling of 'giving something back' to the profession too.

Professional Registration and Accreditation Board

The Professional Registration and Accreditation Board (PRAB) are responsible for assessing all submissions made at Certification, Chartership and Fellowship level as well as all Revalidation portfolios. The board comprises of nineteen members from a variety of different sectors and roles.


By undertaking Professional Registration, you already show a commitment to improving your professional knowledge. One way to demonstrate this commitment on an ongoing basis is through the revalidation of your CILIP Certification, Chartership or Fellowship and ensure you get the professional recognition for keeping your skills up-to-date and staying in touch with the latest developments in the profession.

Obligatory Revalidation

From January 2016, CILIP is proposing to make revalidation obligatory for all members who hold Certification, Chartership or Fellowship.

Information for employers

There are a number of benefits to employers in supporting their staff in working towards Professional Registration