Getting qualified

Library and information specific qualifications are not essential to start your career but formal qualifications qualifications will enhance your employability and provide a solid introduction to areas of work you could later move into. A good starting point is the list of academic programmes accredited by CILIP.

CILIP accredited qualifications

A CILIP accredited programme is the best preparation for professional practice. All accredited programmes are assessed using the Professional Knowledge and Skills Base(PKSB) which identifies the core knowledge and skills of the profession. Individual institutions will advise on entrance requirements, starting dates and the availability of places.

Accreditation and international qualifications

CILIP’s qualifications are accepted all round the world and many overseas qualifications can be used in the UK. CILIP has reciprocal agreements with certain national professional assocations. Please contact us to confirm that your qualification will be accepted in the UK.

Vocational qualifications

Vocational qualifications enable you to combine work with gaining a qualification that is widely recognised by employers.