CILIP Copyright Executive Briefing 2015

Latest Developments in Copyright: Legislation and Licensing

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Wed, 1st Apr 2015 -
9:15am to 4:30pm

Following the huge success of our Copyright Executive Briefing in 2014, CILIP will once again be working with Naomi Korn to bring you the latest developments in copyright. Early bird discounts are now available. 

An update for librarians and information professionals

After dramatic changes to copyright laws and licences in 2014, this event is an ideal and unique opportunity for librarians, archivists and information professionals to update their knowledge and professional practice about the impact of these changes on their work, their organisations and their users. 

CILIP’s Copyright Executive Briefing will focus on the changes that were implemented in June and October 2014, as well as international developments. In partnership with expert speakers drawn from LACA (Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance), this event will provide opportunities for debate about key topics as well as participation in Q&A sessions. The programme has been developed by leading IP Consultant, Naomi Korn, 

Why you should attend?

CILIP’s Copyright Executive Briefings provide an important opportunity for you to update your knowledge about important copyright-related issues and provide a forum for in-depth presentations and informed debate. 

In the year since we last held a copyright briefing: 

  • The legislative changes outlined within the Hargreaves Review of IP have become law – leading to substantial changes for users, creators and suppliers of content.
  • The UK’s Intellectual Property Office have launched their Orphan Works Licensing Scheme as well the EU Orphan Works Exception.
  • Developments relating to licensing are re-shaping the landscape and how resources are accessed and used.
  • Copyright-related Directives and International developments will impact on to the day-to-day work of librarians, archivists, information professionals and those that they advise.

CILIP’s Copyright Executive Briefing has once again drawn together established experts to deliver a cutting-edge event which will explore these issues.


09.15   Registration and refreshments

10.00   Chair’s welcome

  • Naomi Korn, IP Consultant and Chair LACA

10.10   Keynote presentation 

  • Dr Ros, Lynch, Director, Copyright Enforcement, Intellectual Property Office

10.25   Impact of changes on information professionals and their users 

  • Charles will give a brief overview of the impact of the changes to the law on librarians and other information professionals who provide services to third parties
  • Professor Charles Oppenheim, Consultant 

10.45   Questions

10.55   Beyond the lens to the new disability exceptions: additional needs in Higher Education

  • The changes to the Copyright and Rights in Performances (Disability) Regulations 2014 have been the most significant changes to copyright disability exceptions for twelve years. This presentation examines the changes and their practical applications in the context of the changing HE landscape, with a focus on the proposed changes to the Disabled Students’ Allowance.
  • Ruth MacMullen, Systems Support & Library Compliance Officer, York St John University

11.15   Questions

11.25   Refreshments

11.55   The Orphan Works dilemma 

  • The UK Government has now launched its Orphan Works Licensing Scheme and also transposed the Orphan Works Directive. Naomi will discuss the benefits, costs and risks of these approaches and whether there are any alternatives?
  • Naomi Korn, IP Consultant and Chair LACA

12.15   Questions

12.25   Brave new world or tangled web? Educational exceptions in 2015

  • Have the new educational exceptions really gone far enough to solve the problems faced by librarians and copyright officers across the education sector? Or have they just played into the hands of the copyright licensing societies? This talk will look at the impact of the new educational exceptions nearly one year after they became law, with particular focus on their relationship to licences.
  • Emily Stannard, Head Librarian, Bradfield College

12.45   Questions

12.55   Panel Discussion

13.15   Lunch

14.15   Licensing Developments: an update from the UK Copyright working group

  • Jane will give an update on the ongoing discussions between the UK Copyright working group and licensing bodies such as the Copyright Licensing Agency and the Educational Recording Agency. The talk will focus on developments in the higher education sector.
  • Dr Jane Secker, Copyright and Digital Literacy Advisor at London School of Economics and Political Science

14.35   Questions

14.45   Crossing continents: Europe says what’s sauce for the goose is (not) sauce for the gander

  • European Commissioner Oettinger has announced that by September he will produce proposals for EU-wide copyright reform, especially to facilitate cross-border copyright-related transactions within the Single Market. However, at WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization, Europe is the main opponent to proposals that might lead to similar outcomes for libraries and archives on a global scale.
  • Barbara Stratton, IP Consultant and Vice-Chair of LACA: the Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance

15.05   Questions    

15.15   Refreshments 

15.45   #Catch2039: encouraging copyright reform

  • During the final months of 2014 the National Library of Scotland, the Imperial War Museum, and the University of Leeds displayed blank papers in protest at unreformed copyright duration in certain unpublished works – the so-called ‘2039’ copyright duration. Following the government’s decision not to change the 2039 duration, this presentation will focus on the campaign’s impact and effectiveness and will look at where this disappointing decision leaves archives and libraries.
  • Fred Saunderson, Intellectual Property Officer, National Library of Scotland

16.05   Panel Discussion

16.20   Chair’s close


  • Naomi Korn

    Naomi Korn

    IP Consultant and Chair

    Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance

    Naomi is one of the cultural heritage and education sectors leading IP Consultants and the Chair of LACA (Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance). Specialising in copyright, rights management and licensing, she has worked for over fourteen years with various clients from across the sector on operational, policy and strategic approaches to these dynamic and vital issues. With Jisc funding, she has also developed free copyright-related resources, such as templates, briefing papers, animations and the OER IPR Support risk management calculator. Naomi regularly writes a copyright-surgery column for the “Managing Information” Journal. This is Naomi’s fourth year in developing the successful programme for the CILIP eCopyright Briefing Days.

    Naomi is also a CILIP Trustee.

  • Dr Ros, Lynch


    Copyright Enforcement, Intellectual Property Office

    Ros Lynch joined the IPO as Copyright and IP Enforcement Director in February 2014. Ros previously worked with Richard Hooper on a report that helped launch the Copyright Hub, a central point for information about copyright in the UK.

  • Ruth MacMullen

    Systems Support & Library Compliance Officer

    York St John University

    Ruth is responsible for copyright and licensing compliance at York St John University. She is a disability representative for the library, and works closely with the frontline Service Desk to improve processes for users with additional needs. Prior to this she worked for a digitisation service at the University of York, and helped to run a support service for students.

  • Professor Charles Oppenheim


    Charles Oppenheim was until 2009 Professor of Information Science, and Head of the Department of Information Science, at Loughborough University. He is currently a Visiting Professor at Robert Gordon University, at the University of Northampton, and at Cass Business School. Previously he held posts in other Universities, and in the electronic publishing industry. He has published on the library and information professions, Intellectual Property Rights and other legal issues, text and data mining, bibliometrics, evaluation of research quality, and on scholarly publishing trends, including Open Access. He has received the Jason Farradane Award for services to the information profession, and an Aslib award for lifetime achievement to library and information science.

  • Fred Saunderson

    Intellectual Property Officer

    National Library of Scotland

    Fred began his role at the National Library of Scotland in 2014, where he is responsible for strategic and practical development of intellectual property rights policy and management. In his position at the Library, Fred’s priorities include licensing and contract development, copyright guidance and training for staff and users, intellectual property and related legal research, and engagement with the wider copyright community. An alumnus of the University of St Andrews, Fred also holds an MA in Digital Asset Management (DAM) from King’s College London. Fred has particular interests in information management, intellectual property rights, copyright law, and the Open agenda. Fred was formerly a researcher at the Open Data Institute (ODI), London.

  • Jane Secker

    Jane Secker

    Copyright and Digital Literacy Advisor

    London School of Economics and Political Science

    Dr Jane Secker is the Copyright and Digital Literacy Advisor at London School of Economics and Political Science where she coordinates digital literacy programmes for staff and students including copyright training and advice. She is Chair of the CILIP Information Literacy Group, a member of LACA and the Universities UK Copyright Working Group, which negotiates licences for the higher education sector. She is widely published and author of four books, including Copyright and E-learning: a guide for practitioners (authored with Chris Morrison),  the second edition of which was published in 2016 by Facet Publishing.

  • Emily Stannard

    Head Librarian

    Bradfield College

    Formerly Copyright and Compliance Officer at the University of Reading, Emily has over five years’ experience of developing and influencing copyright policy and advising on aspects of copyright law and licensing. Emily is a keen user of social media and was listed in Managing Intellectual Property magazine (2014) and the Times (2010) as one of the Top Ten legal tweeters for her @copyrightgirl Twitter channel. She is a member of the Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance and led LACA’s submission of evidence to both the Hargreaves Review and the latest European copyright consultation.

  • Barbara Stratton

    IP Consultant

    Barbara is an IP Consultant in the library, information and archive field. When she was CILIP’s copyright adviser, she had provided copyright advice to CILIP members and their organisations, subsequently moving into advocacy and policy development as CILIP’s senior policy adviser for information society matters ranging from copyright to privacy to freedom of expression and access to information. She is currently international spokesperson for the Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance, and also serves on EBLIDA's Expert Group on Information Law and IFLA's Copyright and other Legal Matters Committee. She is a member of the IFLA-led team advocating at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for the establishment of an international copyright framework for libraries and archives.


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United Kingdom

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