UXLibs-in-a-day: a 1-day course in association with ARLG Eastern

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Sat, 28th Nov 2015 - 9:30am to 4:30pm

User Experience (UX) research is all about discovering what our users really need and do. You may have heard about or attended last year's UX in Libraries conference, read articles about UX or ethnography, or already started dabbling with these anthropological methods. Wherever you stand, this UXLibs-in-a-day course being offered at Cambridge University's English Faculty on Saturday 28 November is the perfect opportunity to explore these approaches first-hand.

Course Description/Learning Outcomes

‘UXLibs-in-a-day’ is a highly practical and interactive workshop which covers User Experience research definitions, methods and applications. Participants will have the opportunity to try out many ethnographic approaches for themselves, evaluate application in their own libraries and gain crucial insight into the kind of rich data they can derive. They will also be exposed to idea generation and design-thinking methods and consider the value of divergent as opposed to convergent thinking. The chief focus of the day will be conducting ethnographic research of physical library spaces.

Session Feedback (CILIP HQ, September 2015)

‘Engaging, innovative, inspiring. Makes me want to go back and do this!’

'A very useful and practical session that focused on real-world methodologies rather than the purely theoretical and conceptual. Andy is a great presenter – very professional and effective.’

‘Really positive, worthwhile and usable. Inspired to try lots of techniques back at work. Thank you! One of the best training/workshops I have attended.’


Find out more about course structure here:http://uxlib.org/uxlibsinaday/


  • Andy Priestner


    Andy Priestner is an experienced freelance trainer and consultant in the fields of UX, leadership, social media, and teambuilding. He also works part-time as innovation lead for the University of Cambridge Futurelib project. He originated the first international UX in Libraries conference in 2015 and with Matt Borg co-edited a book with the same title which will be published in Spring 2016. LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/andypriestner More info on UX in Libraries and next year's 'UXLibs II' conference in Manchester is available at: http://uxlib.org

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