CILIP membership entitles you to join two Special Interest Groups for free. You can either swap over your current groups or add an additional group for a small fee. Please contact the membership team:

Joining the national committee

By joining the national committee, you will benefit both personally and professionally by engaging with an active colleague network, and making a contribution to the development of academic librarianship.

Joining regional committees

Alternatively, the regional divisions welcome new members. Please contact the appropriate division if you are interested in the committee and contact us sections.

Group only membership

If you are not a member of CILIP you can join the ARLG as a group only member, for a maximum of 2 years.  The cost is £39 per year (inc. VAT) and membership entitles you to:

  • Subscription to the ARLG
  • Member rates for events, conferences and training
  • Subscription to the ARLG newsletter

To apply for group only membership please fill in the application form and return it with payment to CILIP.