Party Manifestos

As part of our Facts matter campaign, we have been working hard to secure their support for libraries and the wider information profession in party manifestos and other commitments in the run up to the General Election. Get to know the manifestos and read what the parties have to say about the role of libraries, knowledge and information in their vision for the UK.

The Labour Party

A number of CILIP’s key policy lines have been included in the final document, including the following commitments/inclusions:

  • "Libraries are vital social assets, valued by communities across the country

  • We will ensure libraries are preserved for future generations and updated with wi-fi and computers to meet modern needs

  • We will reintroduce library standards so that government can assess and guide councils in delivering the best possible service

  • Labour will end cuts to local authority budgets to support the provision of libraries, museums and galleries

  • We will introduce a £1 billion Cultural Capital Fund to upgrade our existing cultural and creative infrastructure to be ready for the digital age and invest in creative clusters across the country, based on a similar model to enterprise zones."

Download the Labour Party Manifesto

Plaid Cymru 

The Plaid Cymru Manifesto doesn’t reference the role of libraries, but includes a number of policy commitments that are directly relevant to the information profession, including policies on education, welfare, poverty and communities.

Download the Plaid Cymru Manifesto

Women's Equality Party

The first priority area in the Women's Equality Party Manifesto document is 'Caring Economy' and specifically references libraries:

"The tunnel vision of our economy renders women and their contribution invisible. It fails to see the value of anything that cannot immediately be monetised; the air we breathe, the water we drink, and our green spaces. It views libraries as prime real estate for redevelopment, rather than community hubs, spaces to meet and read and learn or simply sit quietly."

The Manifesto also includes a number of policy commitments that are relevant to the information profession, including policies on social infrastructure, refugees and vulnerable groups, education, diversity and inclusion, welfare, poverty and communities.

Download the Women's Equality Party Manifesto

The Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats Manifesto includes a library commitment under proposals to set up a £2 billion Rural Services Fund of capital investment to enable communities to restructure local services.

Download the Liberal Democrats Manifesto

The Conservative Party

The Conservative Party Manifesto doesn't reference the role of libraries but includes policy committments around young people's mental health, digital investment, data protection, investment in prisons and the promise of a cultural development fund.

Download the Conservatives Manifesto

What next?

  • CILIP will publish an opinion piece with our comments and analysis following the publication of the other key party manifestos
  • Links and summary notes of other party manifestos will be added as these are published