CILIP Electionwatch - 2015 General Election

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This is historical campaign information linked to our 2015 Electionwatch campaign.

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Electionwatch campaign activity includes:

  • Letters to the main political parties and publishing their responses
  • Information, commentary and analysis
  • Resources and campaigning tools for members
  • Member poll in April 2015
  • A National Libraries Day election drive​

What you can do in your own constituencies

Candidates want your vote. The General Election is a unique opportunity to raise issues about the library, information and knowledge sector in your local area.

What you can do:

  • Download our doorstep card (Welsh language version coming soon)
  • Get informed: find resources about the arguments and key points in relation to a number of different professional areas. See related links, blogs and documents at the end of this page
  • Stay informed between January and May 2015 via our news, blogs, commentary and on social media at #CILIPelect 
  • Write to your candidate, MP or party office locally - tips here
  • Tweet this message to your candidate and ask them to reply or RT: 'I'm voting professionally delivered library & information services at #GE2015.' RT if you support' #CILIPelect 

Transmute have a list of the 2015 General Election parliamentary candidates who are on twitter

Please use and adapt any of the material here to lobby on your own local concerns or specific sectors. 

A UK Election: a note about devolved governance

This is a UK General Election but responsibilities for services such as public and school libraries are devolved to governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Voters in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland at the 2015 General Election will be voting for MPs who do not have any direct authority in relation to public or school libraries within their devolved nation. 

This is a UK-wide campaign that will raise our profile and increase awareness of our agenda among political parties and candidates across the UK.  

See our table of public library legislation in the UK for more information about devolved public library responsibilities.