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Ideas for Collaboration linked to Literacy

Posted By David F. Byrne, 09 November 2017
Lots of talk recently about literacy: data literacy, information literacy, tech literacy. I added Cyber Security Literacy to the list last week following the CILIP seminar. It is such a critical subject for the future of UK economy that we need to find creative ways to break out of traditional professional and sector silos. Any thoughts from members of this CLSIG discussion area?

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Nick Poole says...
Posted 10 November 2017
Hi David, I think this is a really key point. For some time now, we've been in conversation with the CILIP information Literacy Group about finding a way of 'breaking out' of academic/sector discourse and expressing these concepts in a way that fuels consumer engagement and demand. At the CILIP Board meeting on the 24th November, we're meeting with Dr Jane Secker to review their proposal - which is to set the definition into 'everyday' contexts so that people understand these aren't just abstract skills. On a related point, I was helping my daughter with some homework last night and everything she was having to do - online research, organising her notes, interviewing people, analysing and writing up the results - were information skills. They really are fundamentally important, but they are too often hidden behind catch-all terms like 'digital skills'.
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David Byrne says...
Posted 10 November 2017
Thanks Nick - looking forward to developments.
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Alexandra Pooley says...
Posted 15 November 2017
Hello David, in my area of the CLSIG sectors (law) the first few literacies you mention are probably more driven by the library/KM staff, but the later new one you added by the IT department. We teach new joiners about finding, using and evaluating sources, including how to use any specific technology they need and the need to keep a good info trail. Information about understanding what looks like a scam email etc, however, is covered in their computer training sessions. There is definitely more to do in our workplaces though. I sometimes wonder if we rely on our new joiners having been through a number of other university/law school info literacy sessions before they get to us! I think it might help that in law 'bad' information can lead to negligent advice so people are often quite cautious.
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