24 October 2013 Last updated at 15:18, 8/12/2016

Brand guidelines and logo

The brand guidelines explain how to use the CILIP logo and how to successfully reproduce the brand and identity.

Why we need brand guidelines

In order to gain maximum impact from the brand it is important that the guidelines are followed carefully and used consistently.

The CILIP brand is a valuable commodity. It helps the audience with which we wish to engage to recognise and value who the messages are from and why they deserve their attention. If reproduced incorrectly or inconsistently the brand is damaged.

With your help we hope to achieve a consistent ‘look and feel’ to branded materials.

Can I use the CILIP logo?

The CILIP logo is a registered trademark and may only be used by:

  • CILIP for its own purposes ie publications, the CILIP website etc. and by Special Interest Groups, Branches and Devolved Nations.
  • Commercial and other organisations with whom we have reached agreement for its use and to whom we have given permission.


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