PKSB for Employers

The PKSB can be used by employers:

  • As part of staff development reviews to identify gaps in their knowledge and skills or areas they would like to develop
  • As a framework for skills analysis, staff training and creating development plans.
  • To develop ideas for training courses and continuing professional development opportunities.

For the purposes of staff development and training needs analysis, employers can use the PKSB and all related resources within their organisation. This is only available to those with organisation membership of CILIP (to find out how to join as an organisation member, please visit the link below.

Further support for employers from CILIP:

  • We have developed a template so you can demonstrate to staff the level of knowledge and/or skills required in your organisation or in particular roles.
  • We can visit your organisation and demonstrate how staff can use the PKSB and develop their knowledge and skills.
  • Our onsite training means you can access training for groups of staff in a wide range of topics.

For more information on using the PKSB as an employer, please contact the Member Services Team: