Using the Professional Knowledge and Skills Base

The Professional Knowledge and Skills Base (PKSB) can be used to identify development needs and consider continuing professional development opportunities.It can be used by individuals:

  • To outline the broad spectrum of knowledge and skills that are required across the profession.
  • As a self-assessment tool to think about their personal and professional development.
  • To demonstrate their unique skill set to employers.

How it works

Members have access to two versions of the PKSB self-assessment tool.

  • An online tool accessible to you from the CILIP homepage when you login to the website. This version provides a greater level of navigation through the PKSB, enables you to save your self-assessment online as you go, download different reports and has a version control feature.
  • An interactive PDF which you save on your computer and continually update to reflect your developing knowledge and skills. Full access to the document requires you to enter your name, membership number and date. These details are displayed on every page of the document because the full PKSB and the self assessment tool is an important benefit of CILIP membership.

Work through the PKSB and consider your level of knowledge and skills using the self-assessment criteria which are outlined in the document. Remember there is no expectation that any member will be an expert right across the PKSB. We expect your level of knowledge and skills to vary according to which part of the profession you work in, your organisation and your specific role.

Think about any areas where you might want to increase your level of knowledge and skills and then consider how you might go about filling those gaps. This could be through training, reading, events, job shadowing... the choice is yours.

CILIP members have access to a range of support materials to them available on the Virtual Learning Environment.

Using the online tool

The following videos provide you with an introduction to the functionality of the online tool.

An introduction to the online tool

PKSB online tool introduction v2 from CILIP on Vimeo.

Completing your self-assessment

PKSB online tool completing your analysis from CILIP on Vimeo.

Using the history and revert functions

PKSB online tool history and revert from CILIP on Vimeo.

Not a CILIP member?

The Professional Knowledge and Skills Base (PKSB) for is also available to non-member practitioners and professionals to purchase for individual use. It costs £25 and can be purchased by following the link below to an online form.