About Us

What is CIG?

  • CIG is the Cataloguing and Indexing Group of CILIP: the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals.
  • If your work involves the organisation, storage, retrieval or dissemination of bibliographic information, then CIG is the professional group which most appropriately reflects your interests.
  • Through membership of CIG you can contribute to the promotion and maintenance of bibliographic standards and keep in touch with modern developments.

What does CIG do?

  • CIG is actively engaged in the development and maintenance of metadata standards, including RDA, seeking to work in partnership with the organisations and groups responsible for their advancement.
  • CIG unites all those with an interest in bibliographic control, including not only librarians but also colleagues from the book trade.
  • CIG holds a biennial residential conference and other meetings and workshops throughout the year.
  • CIG publishes a quarterly journal, Catalogue & Index, and other specialist publications. Catalogue & Index is an open access journal.
  • CIG advises CILIP on matters concerning bibliographic control.
  • Mission Statement

    The Cataloguing and Indexing Group believes that the storage, organisation and retrieval of information in any form and by any means is a central and fundamental concern of librarianship and information science. This provides a means of exploiting that information (whether printed or electronic) for the maximum benefit of all users.

  • Committee


    Dunia Garcia-Ontiveros, The London Library


    Jane Daniels, Cardiff Metropolitan University

    Honorary Secretary

  • CIG AGM 2016 documents

    Documents for the 2016 CILIP Cataloguing and Indexing Group AGM.

  • CIG Representatives

    CIG has a number of relationships with other relevant groups, committees and organizations, and has representatives on the Book Industry Communication (BIC) Library Metadata Committee, the CILIP/British Library Committee on Resource Description and Access (RDA), the European RDA Interest Group (EURIG) and the Standing Committee on Official Publications (SCOOP).

  • Committee Documents

    The CIG committee meets on a quarterly basis and the minutes and reports from these meetings are now available to download. If you have any questions about anything included in these documents, please contact the secretary Emily Bogie - e.berrisford@sheffield.ac.uk.