Ag-athon: Fun with Agatha, Deborah, Gordon and RIMMF

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Fri, 22nd May 2015 - 2:30pm to 5:00pm

The CILIP Cataloguing and Indexing Group (CIG) is pleased to invite you to this rare opportunity to experience using RIMMF (RDA in Many Metadata Formats) with Deborah Fritz (RIMMF co-developer) and Gordon Dunsire (Chair, Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA).

RIMMF is a training tool designed and created by Deborah and Richard Fritz to help cataloguers think in RDA terms and see how RDA might look in the future.

Would you like to learn more about RIMMF? Want to take part in hands-on and collaborative session? Want to contribute your data to the R-ball? Want to find out how many alter-egos Agatha Christie had? Would you relish the chance to take part in a discussion with the creator of RIMMF?

Then come along to this exciting event. 

You will need to do a little preparation beforehand:

1. Download RIMMF3:

2. Go through the Tutorials at:

3. Practice using RIMMF with simple examples

4. Download a folder of base data for Agatha’s resources:

5. Gather examples to bring to the session; these can either be the resources themselves, or surrogates (photocopies), or links to online resources; for guidelines on sources of information and additional data needed for the examples, see:

6. Install RIMMF3 and download the Agatha base r-ball on the web-enabled laptop you will be bringing to the session, and test them both

7. Bring that laptop and your examples to the session

NB. To keep things simple for the limited time available, our focus for this session will be resources containing:

  • the single works (no compilations—so no short story or poem collections or multiple novels in a single volume)
  • of the Person known alternately as Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller, Agatha Christie, Mary Westmacott, and Agatha Christie Mallowan
  • in single or multiple expressions (e.g., editions, languages, with illustrations or without, with notes or reader’s guides or without, etc.)
  • Carried:
    • in unmediated volumes
    • in audio discs, cassettes, or online
    • in computer discs, or online resources

The event will be led by Deborah Fritz and Gordon Dunsire with assistance from Anne Welsh (Programme Director MA Library and Information Studies at University College London), Dunia García-Ontiveros (Head of Bibliographic Services at The London Library) and Natalia Garea Garcia (Student Systems Developer, UCL Department of Information Studies).

This is an introductory session aimed at library cataloguers and others involved in metadata and resource discovery. A familiarity with FRBR concepts such as WEMI is assumed. Attendance is limited to 30. Participants will have free access to the RDA Toolkit for 30 days beginning on the day of the event and each attendee will receive a complimentary USB drive.

Latest information is available at

Date: Friday 22 May 2015
Time: 14.30-17.00
Venue: University College London
Cost: £25 + VAT (CIG members), £30 + VAT (non-CIG members)

To book a place contact Dunia Garcia-Ontiveros


The programme for the event will be:

14.30-14.50 Welcome, introductions, and RIMMF refresher

14.50-16.20 The London Ag-athon

16.20-17.00 Feedback and discussion (can include general JSC/RDA issues)

University College London

Gower Street
WC1E 6BT London

United Kingdom