CIG Conference 2014

Metadata: Making an Impact

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Mon, 8th Sep 2014 - 2:00pm to Wed, 10th Sep 2014 - 1:00pm

Booking is now open for the biennial CIG Conference, which is to be held at the University of Kent, Canterbury and will run between 2:00pm on Monday 8th September and 1:00pm on Wednesday 10th September.

Registration is now open, and the deadline for submitting papers has passed.

Metadata: making an impact

With the rise of RDA, the development of BIBFRAME and the ever-increasing pressure on library budgets, traditional metadata is undergoing something of a transformation. New models are emerging as technologies change and the way we think about metadata is evolving as well.

Moreover, good metadata provides much more than just tidy catalogue records; it underpins the entirety of a user’s experience and has the potential to help or hinder. So where next? What impact will these changes have? And how can this best be maximized in terms of ‘adding value’ to your organization? The 2014 conference aims to stimulate debate around the impact that metadata has, and can have, on cataloguers, cataloguing teams and institutions.

Feedback from delegates who attended 2012's conference in Sheffield expressed a preference for a three day, rather than two day, conference. As a result, the 2014 CIG conference will begin at 2:00pm on September 8th and finish at 1:00pm on September 10th, with the conference dinner provisionally planned for the evening of the 9th. It's also likely that there will be a visit planned for the afternoon of the 10th. Keep checking here for more info!


Day 1: 8th September 2014

Welcome 14:15-14:30

Session 1: Impact of Metadata Standards

Paper: The Impact of Bibframe 14:30-15:10
Thomas Meehan – University College London

Lightning Talk: MARC, Voyager and OUDA 15:10-15:30
Chris Biggs and Lara Whitelaw

Refreshments Break 15:30-16:00

Lightning Talk: RDA in many (two) Metadata Formats 16:00-16:20
Duncan Chalmers - Coutts Information Services

Paper: RDA and the Cascading Vortex of Horror 16:20-17:00
Alan Danskin – British Library

Dinner 18:30-19:30 and Quiz 20:00 onwards


Day 2: 9th September 2014

Session 2: Impact on the Organisation

Paper: Metadata: Making an Impact in Television beyond the Archive 9:30-10:10
Laura Williams – BBC

Lightning Talk: Deep Impact: Metadata and Suncat 10:10-10:30
Natasha Aburrow-Jones - EDINA

Refreshments Break 10:30-11:00

Paper: How do you Approach Metadata Creation when there are no Second Chances? 11:00-11:40
Arwen Caddy – Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare UK

Panel Discussion: Impact of eBook Metadata 11:40-13:00

Lunch 13:00-14:00

Session 3: Impact of Metadata on Users

Lightning Talk: Making an Impact with Metadata on Social Media 14:00-14:20
Claire Sewell – Cambridge University Library

Lightning Talk: Improving Subject-Based Metadata for LGBTQ Related Young Adult Books 14:20-14:40
Ruth Jenkins

Paper: Metadata Output and Its Impact on the Researcher 14:40-15:20
Anne Welsh – University College London

Lightning Talk: It’s not all about the Metadata 15:20-15:40
Lynne Dyer – De Montfort University

Poster introductions 15:40-15:45
“Using Metadata from the Institutional Repository for the REF Submissions”
“Metadata Quality Checking – Integration of Workflows in Relation to Reading List Software”
“The Impact of Reclassification”
“Changing Positions – New Roles Making an Impact”

Poster session (with refreshments) 15:45-16:45

CILIP CIG AGM 16:45-17:45

Drinks reception and conference dinner 19:00 onwards


Day 3: 10th September 2014

Session 4: Impact of Metadata Professionals

Paper: RDA as a First Language: Teaching Beginner Cataloguers in RDA 9:30-10:10
Deborah Lee – Courtauld Institute of Art

Lightning Talk: It’s all about the Users: Enhancing our Metadata to Improve Discoverability 10:10-10:30
Lynne Dyer – De Montfort University

Refreshments break 10:30-11:00

Paper: The Metadata Team: Making an Impact at the University of Kent 11:00-11:40
Robin Armstrong Viner – University of Kent

Paper: Holistic Cataloguing, or, The Fundamental Interconnectedness of all Things 11:40-12:10
Celine Carty – Cambridge University Library

Lightning Talk: Metadata Assistants Making an Impact 12:10-12:30
Josie Caplehorne and Clair Waller – University of Kent


Post-conference options approx. 14:30 onwards

Demonstration: Metadata Extraction Tool 14:30-15:15

Visit: Canterbury Cathedral Library 14:30- approx. 15:30

Kent Hospitality

Tanglewood University of Kent
CT2 7LX Canterbury

United Kingdom

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