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Therapeutic Resource Centers (TRCs) – an electronic resource for disseminating pipeline evolution, competitor profiles, congress information, news and other competitive information with employees of a biopharmaceutical company.

Information literacy is for life, not just for a good degree: a literature review by Dr C. Inskip, UCL Department of Information Studies and member of CILIP's Information Literacy Board

Information Literacy in the workplace is a new focus for CILIP and this literature review was commissioned to inform the work of the Information Literacy Board.

UK Digital Inclusion Strategy

The Government Digital Strategy published April 2014 sets out what government plans to do over the next two years to tackle the problem of digital exclusion. Some of the actions in the strategy are government-led and others will involve cross-sector partner collaboration and support.

Uk Digital Inclusion Charter

To ensure the success of the digital inclusion strategy a UK Digital Inclusion Charter  has been signed by 48 cross-sector partners so far  including CILIP. As signatories CILIP have agreed to support the joint actions of the UK Digital Inclusion Charter, actively participate in the charter signatories forum meetings and events and share knowledge and best practice.

E-safety roundtable

Library and information professionals can make a significant contribution in teaching people how to stay safe online. Knowing how to stay safe online and having the skills to manage your digital footprint brings the confidence to fully engage with and enjoy the positive benefits the online world offers. Understanding e-safety is part of the digital literacy skills set required by individuals on a personal level and in the workplace. CILIP held a Roundtable event in London on 30 September 2014 to look at the role of library and information professionals in the e-safety arena and how their skills can be put to best use through partnership working.

Information Competencies in the Workplace roundtable

A collaborative event between CILIP and the Information Literacy Group and InformAll was held at BT HQ in London on 19 March. Beyond academia the concept of information literacy is not widely recognised though the ability and capacity to handle information and understand its use, application and, increasingly in a digital environment its creation, is recognised as a necessary skills set amongst employers and others in the employment sector.

Outcomes from the roundtable discussions will be discussed and further work in this important area for library, information and knowledge workers will be reported at a later date.

Below you will find the programme for the day and the introductory presentation.

Information literacy in 2015

The Information Literacy Project was completed at the end of 2014. CILIP's information literacy work will continue in 2015 with some more work on the topic of information literacy in the workplace, and as a theme at the CILIP conference 2015.