Accreditation and international qualifications

CILIP’s levels of professional recognition are accepted all round the world and many overseas qualifications can be used in the UK. CILIP has reciprocal agreements with certain national professional assocations. Please contact us to confirm that your qualification will be accepted in the UK.

US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

CILIP's reciprocal agreement with the Library Association of New Zealand allows Chartered members of CILIP who are also current members of LIANZA to use the postnominal letters RLIANZA.  Likewise, all current LIANZA members who have achieved RLIANZA will be entitled to the use of the post nominal letters MCLIP if they join CILIP.  This will apply regardless of whereabouts in the world that they work.

Membership of both CILIP and LIANZA needs to be maintained in order to make use of this agreement.

CILIP has a reciprocal agreement with the American Library Association (ALA) and the Australian Library and Information Association which means academic qualifications accredited by those bodies are accepted in the UK. Masters degrees accredited by CILIP will be recognised in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Please note that Bachelor degrees accredited by CILIP will be recognised in Australia and New Zealand only.

Other countries: further information

Library and information qualifications from EU member states are also accepted in the UK for employment purposes, provided they have been assessed as being at UK degree level or equivalent.

Other qualifications are individually checked by CILIP with UK NARIC. For further information please contact Member Services at