University of Sheffield

Postgraduate full-time, part-time and distance learning courses


University of Sheffield, Information School, The University of Sheffield, Regent Court, 211 Portobello Street,  Sheffield S1 4DP
Tel: 0114 222 2630 (enquiries); Fax: 0114 278 0300

Information School


  • MA / PG Diploma Librarianship. Full-time and part-time.
  • MSc / PG Diploma Information Management. Full-time and part-time.
  • MSc /PG Diploma Information Systems. Full-time and part-time.
  • MSc / PG Diploma Health Informatics. Part-time by distance learning.
  • MSc / PG Diploma Digital Library Management.  Full-time and part-time.
  • MSc / PG Diploma Data Science. Full-time and part-time
  • MA / PG Diploma Library & Information Services Management. Part-time by distance learning

Accredited to 22 April 2020