Student Research bursary

The Bursary is intended for: 

  • Undergraduate students in information science who have to undertake a final year project involving original research
  • Students on taught postgraduate courses in information science who have to undertake a dissertation involving original research as part of the course 
  • Research students (e.g. MPhil or PhD) in information science to undertake field workthat would not otherwise be possible

About the bursary

The purpose of the Bursary is to enable each award winner to undertake a study, or a complete part of a larger study, which would necessarily involve travelling to collect the required information or data or to visit appropriate people or organisations. The Bursary will provide finance to a maximum of £1,000 for travelling, accommodation or other incidental expenses. Retrospective awards will not be considered.


The Bursary is only open to students of information science students living and studying in the UK or Ireland. Awards are open to students registered on full-time traditional or distance learning programmes. Students working and studying part-time who are able to clearly demonstrate financial need may also be eligible. 

Your application should provide the name and contact details (e.g. work email address) of your project supervisor and you are strongly advised to consult your supervisor when preparing an application. Candidates should at least inform their supervisor that they intend to submit an application. The Chair of the Trust will confirm with supervisors that applicants are registered students planning to undertake the described research.

Outline proposal

In preparing an application to the Trust, you should describe the project or discrete piece of research in the form of an outline proposal of not more than 750 words. Your proposal should provide the following information:

  • The researchquestion(s) to be addressed;
  • The research methods to be employed in the research;
  • Details of how the research methods will be implemented in order to make it clear how the expenditure will be incurred;
  • In addition, you should provide a breakdown of your budgeted expenditure. This should be expenditure that is directly incurred in the execution of research, for example travel and subsistence costs for travelling to interviews. The Trust will NOT provide funding for the purchase of general purpose material or equipment, such as laptops, office software or reading material. Neither will the Trust make a contribution to general living costs during the dissertation period. You should indicate the amount requested from the John Campbell Trust and also the possible availability of other (partial or otherwise) sources of funds.

How to apply

Applications for the Bursary are accepted only following a call by the Trust and before the deadline specified in the call. You should apply using the forms provided and not send requests or applications directly to the Chair of the Trust. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria please do not apply. There are two calls for proposals in 2017/18:

  • First call – submission deadline 17:00 1 November 2017. Award winners of the Conference/Travel Bursary will be informed by 30 November 2017. A holder of a Conference/Travel Bursary should complete his/her itinerary by 30 June 2018;
  • Second call – submission deadline 17:00 1 June 2018. Award winners of the Conference/Travel Bursary will be informed by 30 June 2018. Award winners should complete their itinerary by 30 December 2018.


You should also consider the subsequent dissemination of information or understanding gained from the research supported by the Trust, and should discuss possible methods of dissemination. You are strongly encouraged to discuss possible avenues for dissemination with your supervisor. Dissemination plans should aim to reach at least two of the following key audiences: the research community; the professional information science community; and any other relevant identified communities.

Report to the Trustees

The Bursary winner will be required to provide the Trustees with a copy of the research report or dissertation and a shorter 1-2 page informative abstract setting out the aim and objectives of the research, the methods used, the key findings, conclusions and recommendations. The Trust may publish the abstract on the CILIP website.


The decisions of the Trustees are final and they reserve the right not to make an Award of a Research Bursary if they judge there to be no suitable candidates. The Trust will use information provided in applications to publicly announce the award of scholarships on the Trust website and elsewhere as appropriate.