Conference / travel bursary

The bursary is intended to help an information professional to attend a conference, and/or to undertake a programme of travel, which financial constraints would otherwise put beyond their reach.

About the bursary

Bursaries may be awarded to candidates resident in the UK or Ireland, for attendance at a conference outside the UK and Ireland.

The bursary will provide finance to a maximum of £1,000 for conference fee, travelling, accommodation and other incidental expenditure; it may also cover the fee for a short course if appropriate.

The programme

Your planned programme should give you an opportunity to gain further knowledge about the information profession, in particular relation to your interests and current work environment, and to support your Continuing Professional Development. In doing so, it will provide the chance for you to make contact with information professionals from other countries.

Travel and visits

If the primary aim is attendance at a conference, you should also consider arranging visits to information organisations in the country concerned. If you win an award, you will be expected to make all necessary arrangements for yourself.


On return, the Trust requires you to disseminate to the profession the information or understanding you have gained from the programme. You should submit a short report to the Trust, but this should be combined with an article in the professional press or other form of dissemination.


Applications for the Conference/Travel Bursary are accepted only following a call by the Trust and before the deadline specified in the call. Details of any current calls, together with deadlines and application forms, can be found below. Applications should be made on the forms provided.

How to apply

In preparing an application to the Trust, you should describe the proposed programme and provide a detailed, comprehensive budget. The budget should indicate the amount requested from the John Campbell Trust and also the possible availability of other (partial or otherwise) sources of funds.
You should provide specific plans for the subsequent dissemination of information or understanding gained from the programme, and should specify proposed methods of dissemination, e.g. titles of specific publications. 

Insofar as details of the programme cannot be specified exactly at the time of application, successful applicants will be required to agree a final programme with the Chair of Trustees, normally not less than six weeks before their programme of visits commences.

There are two calls for proposals in 2017/2018:

  • First call – submission deadline 17:00 18 November 2017. Award winners of the Conference/Travel Bursary will be informed by 30 November 2017. A holder of a Conference/Travel Bursary should complete his/her itinerary by the 30th June 2018;
  • Second call – submission deadline 17:00 1 June 2018. Award winners of the Conference/Travel Bursary will be informed by 30 June 2018. Award winners should complete their itinerary by the 30th December 2018.


There are no conditions of professional affiliation but you should have some period of professional experience in information or library services and a working knowledge of the language of the country which you propose visiting would be advantageous. It is intended that each bursary will be awarded to a single applicant; applications for joint programmes will not be considered; nor will retrospective awards.The decisions of the Trustees are final and they reserve the right not to make an Award of a bursary if they judge there to be no suitable candidates.