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Have your say in our Professionalism Review

Have your say in our Professionalism Review

We believe that the information profession should be an open, inclusive profession with proportionate self-regulation and a broad range of career pathways, including workplace-based development, graduate opportunities, career transition and apprenticeships.

That’s why we’ve launched our Professionalism Review - to re-state, clearly and positively, the contemporary definition of librarianship, information and knowledge management as an open, inclusive and progressive ‘profession’.

As part of this work we want to develop a clear and inclusive definition of what it means to be a professional in our sector, our current, draft definition can be found here.

The discussion document sets out definitions of three key concepts in our work as the professional association for everyone working in libraries, information and knowledge management – ‘profession’, ‘professional’ and ‘professionalism’. These definitions will be used to inform the Professionalism Review and future updates of our Workforce Strategy.

Please note that the survey on the draft definition of ‘professionalism’ closed on the 17th October 2019.

Header photo shows Knowledge and Evidence Specialist Jo Wood FCLIP

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