Core Collections

HLG is working in partnership with Tomlinsons to update the series of Core Collections: the Medical Core Collection, the Nursing Core Collection, the Mental Health Core Collection, the Primary Care Collection and the Dentistry Core collection.


The Nursing Core Collection is currently in the process of being updated for a new edition. More information on how you can contribute can be found at the Nursing Core Collection page

  • Core Collections detail

    During 2009, HLG re-established its involvement and leadership of the Core Collections in partnership with Tomlinsons. The Core Collections publication, first published 17 years ago, had become a useful acquisition guide for health libraries. The compilation of the collections had however become a very time consuming process, and some of the collections had not been updated for many years.

  • Nursing Core Collection - New Edition

    The Core Collection titles, first published in 1992, act as reliable acquisitions guides for health libraries in the United Kingdom. Titles are recommended using circulation data, and includes contributions from reviews, reading lists and medical resource suppliers Tomlinsons. The most recent edition of the Core Collection for Nursing was published in July 2010.