In March 2003 a small group of librarians convened at Imperial College London to discuss establishing a special interest group for librarians interested specifically in IL. It was agreed that the group would petition CILIP to create a new special interest group for librarians. At the time CILIP was undertaking a review of its groups and the decision was subsequently taken to create an IL sub-group reporting to the Community Services Group.

The newly formed CSG-IL group established in January 2004 under the leadership of Debbi Boden, who became the first chair of the group. From the outset the committee looked to reach librarians working beyond the higher education sector, and representatives from public libraries, special libraries, school libraries were sought to join the committee.

The ILG became a full special interest group of CILIP in July 2012, which gave the group greater recognition and a number of benefits.

(Adapted from Secker, J. & Walton, G. (2016). Information Literacy in the UK, pp485-499. In Sühl-Strohmenger, W (ed). Handbuch Informationskompetenz. Berlin: Walther De Gruyter.)

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