Play, Games and Information Literacy

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Mon, 23rd Nov 2015 -
10:00am to 4:00pm

How you can use play and games in your information skills teaching.

The Information Literacy Group is pleased to announce a forthcoming workshop called “Play, Games and Information Literacy”, with tickets now available.

We have Jane Secker & Chris Morrison showing how to use a game to teach copyright, Andrew Walsh on how Lego can be used in teaching, and Susan Boyle showing game based learning in action on the "Imagination Islands". Throughout the day Steve Bond will take us through short playful exercises inspired by acting and improvisation.


09:30   Registration

10:00   Introduction to the day

10:30   Copyright the Card Game

  • Jane Secker & Chris Morrison

12:30   Lunch

13:00   Using Lego for IL instruction

  • Andrew Walsh

14:30   IL Triage & Treatment Games 

  • A visit to the Imagination Islands, Susan Boyle

16:00   Feedback and finish

16:15   CLOSE

Further information on sessions:

  • Copyright the Card Game: 
    This workshop is an interactive session, based on a new copyright card game that is a fun way of providing you with an overview of UK copyright law. The game covers the types of works that are covered by copyright and usages that are protected by copyright law. It also focuses on exceptions to the law and licences that allow you to, for example distribute materials to students for teaching purposes. There will be an opportunity to explore common scenarios and to test out your understanding of the law in the final round of the game. There will also be time to ask questions about using the game in your own teaching and how it can enliven copyright training sessions.
  • Using Lego for IL instruction: 
    This workshop will briefly introduce the Lego Serious Play methodology and the ideas that lie behind it, going onto show how ideas inspired by this methodology may be used in IL instruction. Be prepared to play with lego and make some models!
  • IL Triage & Treatment Games  - a visit to the Imagination Islands
    Pack your bags for the Imagination Isles – then sit back and enjoy the presentation on treatment games. Discover Game Based Learning in action by playing the native, case treatment game.  Then move on to the island challenge – where you will brainstorm and devise new treatment games. In the final segment, find out what games your fellow islanders have created. By the end of the workshop you will have all shared the experience of game creation and packed some reflection luggage on the whole game journey experience.


Harehills Road
LS8 5HS Leeds

United Kingdom

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