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Imrana Ghumra joined the group Special Interest Group: Patent & Trademark Group.
Posted 18 June 2018
wrote on the Special Interest Group: Patent & Trademark Group wall: Hello I live in France, so difficult to be an active member. But I valued very highly Searcher. Looking through my backrun, it seems that number 149 was the last issue, but it was not clear how serious things were becoming. I was aware of the merger proposition at the AGM, but couldn't attend. Was it passed? I assume yes. VERY SAD. You might like to update the "About Us" and "Latest News" under "Pages". Am I now a member of CLSIG? Do they have a printed newsletter?? Does it have patent searching content??? Do I have to explicitly join myself to the their Group on this site? Regards Dave HUDDART, Paris PS Today was my first time on the new CILIP site. A tough experience! With previous incarnations, it was intuitive to navigate to SIG and branch pages...
Posted 07 March 2018
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