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Previous GIG Award Winners
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This page lists the previous winners of the GLG/GLIG Award.


Winner: Karen MacFarlane (CILIP Trustee and former Head of Government KIM Profession)

Award: Lifetime achievement 

Reason: The judging panel felt that Karen had made a highly significant contribution to the government knowledge and information management sector over her 31-year civil service career. Karen was a founding member of the Government’s Knowledge Council in 2007 and was a driving force in developing the knowledge and information management (KIM) function within government providing inspirational leadership and innovative new services.

The committee did not issue an annual award in 2017


Winner: Jan Usher (Curator, Social Sciences) and Elaine Simpson (General Collections Assistant) for their work on the National Library of Scotland digitisation project.

Award: Annual

Joint Winners: Graham Monk (formerly of the Department for Work and Pensions) and Karen Lewis (formerly of the Department of Health)

Award: Lifetime achievement


Winner: Welsh Government’s Historical Review and Appraisal Team for its work with The National Archives on electronic records review. The staff involved in the project, and joint winners of the award, are:

  • Marlize Palmer – Head of Library & Archive Services  & DRO (SRO)
  • Kate Strachan – Historical Records Appraisal Manager (Project Manager)
  • Jamie Dawes – Historical Records Appraisal Officer
  • Angela Thomas – Information Manager responsible for Welsh translations
  • Caroline Pegden - The National Archives
  • Anthea Seles – The National Archives

Award: Annual

The Judging Panel felt that the project is an excellent example of collaborative working between professional colleagues in different departments and represents the GKIM profession at its very best.  The valuable work of the HR&A Team has been acknowledged by TNA and it has wder application to all government departments undertaking digital transfer of records for permanent preservation. The team actively developed procedures and working practices which could readily be reused and the lessons learned will be extremely helpful.

Winner: Gill Baker (recently retired from the Department of Education)

Award: Lifetime achievement

Reason: The Judging Panel felt that Gill perfectly epitomised the essence of the GIG awards. Despite the many challenges she faced during her career, as the world of government libraries ebbed and flowed around her, Gill remained committed to the profession throughout and believed passionately in the valuable contribution that government librarians and KIM professionals make to their departments.


Winner: Alex Marinkovic (home Office)
Award: Annual

In recognition for his role as Secretary to the Knowledge Council and KIM Profession Project Board.

Winner: Patrick Ryan (formerly of the MoD)

Award: Lifetime achievement

Reason: For the significant contribution he made to government libraries throughout his career.



The Committee did not issue an award in 2012.


Winner: Kevin Jackson (Defra)

Award: Lifetime achievement

Reason: In recognition for his services to government libraries and the civil service.


Winner: Robert Felgate (BIS)

Award: Lifetime achievement

Reason: In recognition for his work on electronic and joint procurement.

Winner: Katie de Boucier

Award: Annual

Reason: In recognition for her work for the Knowledge Council to produce the skills framework for KIRM.


Winner: Anne Bridge (BERR)

Award: Joint Lifetime achievement

Reason: In recognition of a long and successful career in Information Services at the DTI and then BERR, including 6 years as Chair of CDL. Consistently a role model for others in the profession, Anne has championed the placement of librarians in key roles supporting the business of the department, as well as making a significant contribution to raising KIM awareness.

Winner: Frank Ryan (EBRD)

Award: Joint Lifetime achievement

Reason: In recognition of a long career in information services - Frank is now Head of Library & Information Services at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development since November 1992. Also in particular recognition of a methodology he developed to assess and demonstrate the value of information services in financial terms.


Winner: Peter Griffiths (Home Office)

Award: Lifetime achievement

Reason: In recognition of a lifetime’s contribution to government libraries, chairing of CDL etc.


Winner: Karen George (Home Office)

Award: Annual

Reason: In recognition of her outstanding contribution as an innovative GLIG Journal Editor and for the successful management of high profile projects at the Home Office.

Winner: Suzanne Burge

Award: Lifetime achievement

Reason: In recognition of her outstanding contribution to both government libraries and to the broader profession.


Winner: Louise Dick    

Award: Special Award   

Reason: In acknowledgement of her significant contribution to the work of the Hikkaduwa library project.


Winner: Liz Maclachlan

Award: Lifetime achievement

Reason: In recognition of her work as an advocate for the profession, a supportive mentor to many, and her lasting contribution to a wide range of bodies including CDL/CILIP/IIS/DTI/TFPL.

Winner: Heather Taylor

Award: Annual Award

Reason: In recognition of the valuable topical study undertaken on the issue of Disaster Management at DEFRA, submitted as a dissertation to Liverpool John Moore’s in 2004.


Winner: Kevin Jackson (DEFRA)

Award: Annual Award

Reason: For his work on promoting chartership through the CDL Chartership Group.

Winner: Ruth Hayes (Centre for Policy on Ageing)

Award: Annual Award    

Reason: For compiling a training database on the Single Assessment Process for use by staff working in health and social services



Winner: Linda Wishart (Department of Health)

Award: Joint Lifetime achievement

Reason: Head of Information Management at the Department of Health, has worked for a number of government departments, and has recently stood down as Chair of the Committee of Departmental Librarians, having presided over CDL in a period when its status and prominence in government circles has risen considerably to a point where it is frequently consulted by the Cabinet Office and others on information-related issues.

Winner: Arabella Wood (DfES)

Award: Joint Lifetime achievement

Reason: Has spent her career as an Assistant Librarian at the Department for Education and Skills. Within the Department she is legendary for her knowledge of its history and current work, and her expertise is recognised throughout the education world, being cited in numerous acknowledgments.

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