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School Libraries in View
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School Libraries in View

School Libraries in View (SLIV) is published by the School Libraries Group, and offers a number of scholarly articles in each issue on topics of interest to school Librarians.  Hard copies are sent out annually in October/November to all SLG members with their copy of CILIP news.

All submissions or enquiries please send to the Chair:




SLIV:Issue 44 - December 2018 


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This issue gives an update on the joint Great School Libraries Campaign and has an article from Darryl Toerien on repurposing the school library. It includes an account from our bursary beneficiary, Helen Foster, of her attendance at the SLG Conference. Dr Andrew K Shenton has contributed an interesting article on aligning user understandings and organisational methods for fiction and Elizabeth Hutchison tells us about her journey towards Fellowship. Just a few of the articles in this bumper issue!


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This issue features a view of the CILIP conference 2017 from a school librarian's perspective from Caitlin McCullough, information on the SLSUK school library award from Stella Thebridge, Between the Classroom and the Library - a brief piece from Darryl Toerien,  an article by Matt Imrie on the history of the Carnegie and Kate Greenaway medals, Enhancing Information Literacy and Inquiry in Primary schools by Dr A.K.Shenton, information on the HertsCam Certificate in Teacher Led Development Work from Emma Halford, an investigation into the impact of embedding research skills within research projects from Alison Tarrant and an article on Teachers as Librarians from Claire Jodrell.


SLIV: Issue 42 - January 2017

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This issue features articles by Darryl Toerien on exploring collaboration between school libraries and departments; Building a Library in Tanzania by Joseph Humphreys and Prep School Librarians - the Unsung Heroes by Denise Reed.  Also an article explaining the rationale behind the thinking of a quality mark for school libraries, a piece about Pupil Library Assistant of the Year, and information about upcoming regional days and the Day Conference and AGM.


SLIV: Issue 41 - July 2016

This issue of SLIV contains articles from Darryl Toerien, exploring collaboration between the library and departments, Mat Galvin on literacy for learning, a brief history of school libraries by Angel Platt, and Archivist William Wood's experience of mounting a major exhibition of World War 1 artefacts.

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SLIV: Issue 40 - January 2016

This is the academic journal produced by school librarians in the UK.  You  will need to be signed in to CILIP to view a copy.

School Libraries in View - Issue 40  January 2016


Beware of Librarians bearing gifts - Nick O'Connor, St Philip Howard Catholic High School

Report from the 2015 CILIP conference in Liverpool - Lucy Chambers

The Modelling of Reading - Andrew K Shenton

SLIV:Issue 38 - 2015 

This issue features three articles: the first is ‘Emanuel School at War – Developing the Emanuel School Exhibition’ by Tony Jones, an excellently timed article with useful information, as we are all commemorating the
start of the First World War.The second, is by David Rose and titled ‘Euro Language Library Links’; this articles talks about the collaboration of David’s school with the French Institute’s South Kensington Kids Festival and host
-ing the Eurotoolbox.The final submission is by Sarah Masters, and is titled ‘Response to Reading’; this article is about the innovative methods Sarah has deployed to elicit students’ responses to reading.

SLIV: Issue 37 - Summer 2014

This issue of School Libraries in View contains five articles:

  • ‘TACCLE- ing E-Learning in Italy’ by Anne Brine
  • ‘Case Study – World War One Interdisciplinary Learning’ by Lauren Thow
  • ‘Impressing at INSET’ by Sarah Pavey
  • ‘One is the Loneliest Number’ by Kate Ling
  • ‘Not Waving but Drowning: Reconsidering Transitions at Oakham School’ by Darryl Toerien


SLIV: Issue 36 - Winter 2013

This issue of 'School Libraries in View' features five articles: ‘It’s Never Too Late to Qualify’ ‘Collaborating with Universities: The Human Rights Young Researchers Project’, ‘InFlow (Information Flow): An Integrated Model of Applied Information Literacy’, ‘Dewey Eyed? (Helping users to find information)’ and ‘How iPad Usage supports and Enhances Learning in a School Library’.


SLIV: Issue 35 - Summer 2013

This issue features four articles: 'Storytelling is a primary act of the mind’, ‘School librarians can embrace technology, even without an injection of financial support or much hardware’, 'The potential role for the school librarian in management of the secondary school VLE’ and 'Social media – essential or a distraction?’.


SLIV: Issue 34 - Winter 2012

This issue features three articles: ‘Case Study: Library of Doom Promotion’, ‘OpenBooks’ and ‘One of the Boys Part Two (a follow up to the first article of the same title published in issue 29)’.


SLIV: Issue 33 - Summer 2012

This issue features three thought provoking articles. The first is by Sue Ayling titled ‘UK Primary School Librarians: a reason to celebrate?’ which is based on a study carried out as part of her MA in which she received a distinction. The second article is by Ann Brine and is titled ‘Reflections on the Extended Project Qualification’ which looks at the way in which it can be integrated as part of the information literacy model and help students to structure their research practices. The third and final article has been submitted by Josie Fraser, a UK-based Social and Educational Technologist currently working for Leicester City Council as ICT Strategy Lead; her contribution includes works by Laura Taylor, David White and Rachael Guy and is a great example of ICT advisors recognising the key role of school libraries in the whole process of digital learning and technology.


SLIV: Issue 32 - Winter 2011

This issue features four articles: ‘Libraries of the Future’, ‘Taking Lessons from Psychology’ ‘Learning from Library Visits’ and ‘Information Technology Use in State and Private Primary School Classrooms in London’.


SLIV: Issue 31 - Summer 2011

This issue features four very interesting articles. The first is by Elizabeth Kerns on Transformational 21st Century Secondary School Library Facilities, the second by Christine Leighton on Raising the Profile of School Archives, the third by Barbara Band on Working Collaboratively with PGCE Students and the fourth and final article is by Ruth Harrison who shares her experience of the 2011 School Libraries Group Conference.  


SLIV: Issue 30 - Winter 2010

This issue features articles on ‘Paradoxes of Young People’s Information Behaviour, ‘Creating a Website through Collaboration’, ‘Professionalism, Success and Influence’ and ‘Exam Revision for the Nintendo Wii and DS Generation: some useful GCSE Websites on the Internet’.  

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