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UK eInformation Group
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UKeiG is a respected and well-established forum for all information professionals, users and developers of electronic information resources. We promote and advance the effective exploitation and management of electronic information and offer a wide range of resources including seminars and workshops. Access is also available to our e-journal eLucidate, our Publications and our popular series of Factsheets.

The group was founded in 1978 as UKOLUG - the UK Online User Group. It changed its name to the UK eInformation Group in 2004 to reflect changes in technology and the wider activities in which the Group is now involved.

UKeiG aims to:

  • Stimulate communication and the exchange of knowledge about electronic information
  • Disseminate high quality advice, information and publications about e-industry news and developments
  • Raise awareness of existing and new technologies that retrieve, manage and process electronic information
  • Support continuing professional development by delivering a high quality portfolio of practical and affordable training programmes and seminars
  • Encourage innovation in electronic information retrieval, management and processing
  • Support and stimulate the information industry through a range of awards and bursaries

If you want more information please contact our administrator:


Mission Statement

To champion innovation in and the effective exploitation of digital information resources, tools, techniques and technologies in all sectors of the profession.

Publishing history

Over the years UKeiG, and before it UKOLUG, has published a number of titles in areas reflecting its interests as well as the proceedings of its conferences. It is interesting to see how themes have changed.

Contact us

There is a UKeiG JISCmail list (LIS-UKeiG) and you may also wish to follow us on social media:

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UKeiG is a Special Interest Group of CILIP.
Registered charity no: 313014
VAT registration no: GB 233 1573 87

For full information about UKeiG (the UK eInformation Group) contact Gary Horrocks, our administrator at

Gary has twenty-two years of experience in library, IT and information services in higher education; seven in senior strategic management with a considerable understanding of the research, teaching & learning needs affecting the provision of IT and information services in a multidisciplinary, complex and demanding environment.

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