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eLucidate 14 (2-3) 2017/18
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eLucidate 14 (2-3) 2017/18

eLucidate 14 (2-3) 2017/18

Volume 14 issue 2-3 2017/18 of eLucidate. 

UKeiG is committed to promoting the theory and practice of organising digital knowledge and information. The UK Chapter of the International Society for Knowledge Organisation is one of our partner organisations overseeing the presentation of the prestigious Tony Kent Strix Award featured in this issue. 

Taxonomy and effective and systematically applied metadata continue to underpin effective data management, information management and enterprise search in organisations. Helen Challinor contributes a fascinating case study of a project - Vocabulary Management at the Department for Education - that takes us back to the essential basics of information retrieval, of nomenclature and thesauri. 

The 2017 Internet Librarian International (ILI) conference was a huge success. Katherine Allen, Business Development Director, Information Today Europe, writes: "Information professionals wear many hats. They are leaders in tech, organisational influencers, expert marketers, change managers, internet super searchers, and much more." One of the themes that stood out was the fundamental issue of information integrity, "fake news", "disinformation’ and the significant implications for information and digital literacy. Social media nurtures a world of titillation and outrage. The critical appraisal of information resources is in our DNA, and we are moving into another era with profound ethical considerations. "The fake, the false…is an opportunity."

Jisc’s Lis Parcell, in a presentation for UKeiG - "Flexing our digital muscle: beyond information literacy" - explored tools and resources to help assess digital capability in individuals, teams and organisations. "Library and information professionals have long been recognised for expertise in information literacy, but the need for more digitally capable organisations creates new avenues for staff to develop their roles and contribute to the digital strategy of the organisation." Digital literacy is a complex and morphing concept, embracing core ICT proficiency alongside content creation and innovation, communication and collaboration, information retrieval, technology enhanced learning and digital professionalism. We explore some of the issues.

Martin White, Managing Director of Intranet Focus Ltd, provides sobering food for thought as he considers the intellectual property and security implications of jointly shared information in collaborative environment. 

Claire Carter, Academic Liaison Librarian at the University of Bedfordshire, reports back on last year’s eclectic and stimulating CILIP Conference in a feature entitled: "Data, Information, Knowledge & Disruptive Technologies in an Age of Uncertainty." 

Enjoy, and please give us your feedback and join us in discussions on social media.


Gary Horrocks
Editor, eLucidate 


eLucidate 14 (2-3) 2017/18: Table of Contents

In this issue:

Editor’s note                                                                                                                         

Vocabulary management at the Department for Education

Collaborative applications: IP & security implications for jointly shared information                                                      

Data, information, knowledge & disruptive technologies in an age of uncertainty

Internet Librarian International: the think tank for information professionals                    

UKeiG Professional Development update                                                                            

Online resources                                                                                                                  

Breaking the book: contrasting paradigms of print culture                                                 

The Strix Award: in honour of Tony Kent’s life and achievements                                         

Notes for contributors 


eLucidate 14 (2/3) Winter 2017/18 - PDF

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