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Important announcement: CILIP LGBTQ+ Network Committee Elections (October/November 2020)

Details of the inaugural elections for all roles on the CILIP LGBTQ+ Network Committee have been finalised. Find them here.


The LGBTQ+ Network was formed out of the need for a group to represent all UK LGBTQ+ Library Knowledge & Information workers, as there hasn’t been a formal organisation focused on this since around 2000. The Network, which is a CILIP supported group rather than a Member Network, will create a community which can work with CILIP to include the specific development needs and the perspective of LGBTQ+ Library Knowledge & Information workers; and aims to provide guidance, support, and a safe space to share knowledge and experiences for library, information and knowledge workers who identify as LGBTQ+. The LGBTQ+ Network, which will belong to its members, is free to join and open to all library, information and knowledge workers who identify as LGBTQ+, both CILIP members and non-members.

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The Network is currently managed by a Steering Group , co-chaired by Binni Brynolf and John Vincent, but will be managed by a Committee once it is set up.

In summary, the Network is intended to:

  • Provide members (and their organisations) with the skills and knowledge to develop supportive LGBTQ+ services
  • Provide an authoritative voice on LGBTQ+ issues within the LKI community
  • Provide a safe space where Network members can raise issues of LGBTQ+ discrimination in the workplace, and signpost them to appropriate useful resources
  • Be able to support LGBTQ+ people within the LKI community being more open about their LGBTQ+ identity
  • Collate and create relevant resources that can be used by all within the LKI community, such as supporting libraries as a safe space; challenging hate speech; best practice for events; current awareness; creating Q & A’s, best practice and “what to do when…”; collating compelling stories relevant to the Network; links to sympathetic publishers and bookshops; marketing resources for events
  • Play a key role in CILIP's Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion work.
  • Collaborate with similar organisations, including the BAME Network and other CILIP Diversity Networks once they are set up, and LGBTQ+ networks in other professions.

You will find full Terms of Reference for the Network, including its purpose, scope and goals, here.

"LGBTQ+ people have always been a vital part of the library, information and knowledge management community. I am delighted that the LGBTQ+ Network is able to harness the ambition, expertise and energy of LGBTQ+ professionals and workers to help shape a more dynamic and inclusive future for our profession." (Nick Poole, CEO of CILIP)

If you have any questions, comments, feedback or ideas feel free to contact us via: .

We’re also on Twitter. Follow @ciliplgbtq.

We will also be running and attending events over the next few months. Please visit the events section of this group for announcements.


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An allies group for non-LGBTQ+ library, knowledge and information workers who wish to support the purpose of the LGBTQ+ Network will also be created over the next few months.

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