International job exchange LIBEX

CILIP's international job exchange scheme, LIBEX, enables CILIP members to exchange jobs with library and information staff around the world.

LIBEX acts as a clearinghouse for CILIP Members and library and information staff in other countries who are interested in arranging a job exchange between a UK based post and a non-UK based post.

The UK based jobholder must be a CILIP member. Non-UK based jobholders do not need to be CILIP members. The service is free of charge.

More informaiton about LIBEX, including exchaneg reports and tips and advice, can be downloaded from this page.

Registering with LIBEX

Complete the LIBEX application form (see below).  A UK based jobholder must provide their CILIP membership number.  Non-UK based jobholders do not need to be CILIP members and can only exchange with the UK.   CILIP's overseas members are eligible and should provide their membership number.

We will contact you by email once your application has been approved.  You can then access the LIBEX database.

Please make sure that your database entry is completed as this will ensure that others searching LIBEX will have full information about the exchange you are offering.

LIBEX does not arrange exchanges itself, this is done directly by the applicants. Experience has shown that this approach generally works to best advantage for most participants. CILIP's role is to host the LIBEX database, support, develop and promote the scheme for the benefit of CILIP members, and to provide opportunities for them to work overseas.

Please address all enquiries about existing and future applications to LIBEX at CILIP (