The 2015 Facet Publishing catalogue

The 2015 Facet Publishing catalogue is out now.  A PDF of the catalogue can be downloaded from the Facet Publishing website or a paper copy can be ordered by emailing

Some highlights of the catalogue include Cultural Heritage Information, edited by G G Chowdhury and Ian Ruthven, the first book in the new i-Research series; Nigel Ford’s textbook, Introduction to Information Behaviour, due out in July; Library Analytics and Metrics by Ben Showers, due out next month; the new  book from Carolynn Rankin and Avril Brock, Library Services from Birth to Five, due later this month; the second edition of Martin De Saulles’ textbook, Information 2.0, due out in April; and some classics from the end of last year including, The Network Reshapes the Library;  The Top Technologies Every Librarian Needs to Know; and Annual Review of Cultural Heritage Informatics.

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