Tom Roper, CILIP trustee, has resigned

Tom Roper has resigned his place on CILIP Council after serving for a period of six months.  Presenting his resignation to the CILIP Chair, Martyn Wade today, Tom cited his differing views from the other members of Council on CILIP’s proposed governance review which goes to the AGM on 20th September for a member decision, as his reason for stepping down. 

Martyn Wade has issued the following statement on behalf of CILIP Council:

"I and my colleagues on Council are extremely saddened by Tom’s resignation.  Tom has made a real contribution to the discussion and debate in his short time of duty and has been an asset to Council’s decision making.  His voice will be missed.

Council were unanimous, apart from Tom, in agreeing the proposed changes to CILIP governance which members will vote on at the AGM.  Council based its decisions on the results of the consultation that has been held this year which widely supported the proposed changes and has been published on the CILIP website:

We fully respect Tom’s decision to stand down in support of his principles and appreciate that Tom has the best interests of CILIP members at heart.  However we believe that the proposed changes to governance reflect the majority views expressed during the recent consultation, are democratic and will ensure a strong, well-governed, organisation that will grow and meet the needs of its members in the coming years.

We all wish Tom well."