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CILIP Copyright Conference 2019 - Programme
Tue, April 2
9:15 am

Registration and refreshments

10:00 am


Naomi Korn
10:10 am

Copyright & Brexit: what next?

Following the departure of the UK from the EU, two main questions emerge: the first concerns the value and legacy of EU copyright legislation and the case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union in this former EU Member State; the second relates to the actual room left for UK copyright law to develop, at least in the medium and long term, in different directions from the EU acquis. This talk will pinpoint the main aspects underlying these questions, and attempt to map the future of UK copyright at a time of change and uncertainty.

Dr Eleonora Rosati
10:40 am

Lightning talk - Copyright: the Iceberg - evaluating its hidden depths

Patrick will take a brief look into the complexities of copyright from the perspective of a copyright 'newbie', including intent, use, risk, interpretation.

Patrick Ibbotson
10:45 am


11:15 am

Top copyright lessons learnt and 30 years since the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

In this two-part talk Charles will reflect his on 40 years’ involved in copyright, and on the 30 years since the 1988 CDPA came into force. It will include how Charles first got involved in copyright, some of the lessons learned over the years, and licence negotiation. Charles will also look at how the 1988 Act needs improving to give a better balance between users and owners, especially in the light of technical developments.

Professor Charles Oppenheim
11:45 am

Lightning talk - Explaining copyright to businesses

The UK Patent Library (PatLib) Network provides intellectual property information to inventors and businesses. Library staff in PatLibs and Business & IP Centres across the country help entrepreneurs understand what copyright is, which of their business assets are protected by copyright and which copyrighted works they use do not belong to them.

Aude Charillon
11:50 am

Panel discussion

12:20 pm

Lunch and poster sessions

An opportunity to network with delegates and speakers over lunch. There will also be a number of poster sessions on display from Glasgow Caledonian University, CREATe and University of Glasgow Library. More details to follow.

1:30 pm

Copyright developments within the UK higher education sector

Chris and Jane will present on copyright developments within the UK higher education sector following the completion of a research project funded by UUK, SCONUL, Jisc and RLUK to understand the value of licences and exceptions to UK universities. In addition they will report on work to build local and national copyright communities of practice and how they can shape common understanding of the law and development of licences and public policy. This will incorporate findings from a recent survey of copyright specialists in UK institutions and a forthcoming membership consultation on the role of the LIS-Copyseek mailing list

Chris Morrison, Jane Secker
2:00 pm

The road to Dubai and beyond: case studies on collaboration

Kate and Alex will discuss their experiences of their respective journeys through the licensing landscape that ends with a new campus opening in Dubai. They will highlight some “dos and don’ts” when extending resources licences for users outside of the traditional locations. The session will focus on how institutional decisions impact on libraries, how the library is a vital component of the delivery of those strategic developments and how having a ‘seat at the table’ is crucial.

Alex Fenlon, Kate Vasili
2:30 pm

Lightning talk - Developing a printed music licence for higher education

Subsequent to the launch of a licence for schools in 2013, Printed Music Licensing Limited (PMLL), the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) and the UUK Copyright Negotiating and Advisory Committee (CNAC) have been working together to develop a printed music licence to meet the needs of higher education institutions. This presentation will set out some of the key features of the proposed licence and plans for roll out.

Claire Kidwell
2:35 pm


3:05 pm

Art UK’s risk management approach to orphan works

Aidan will present Art UK’s approach to risk and risk mitigation processes with regard to reproducing Orphan Works online. Aidan will also cover how Art UK balances this approach with its legal and ethical commitments to the artists’ work and their legacy.

Aidan McNeill
3:35 pm

Panel discussion

4:00 pm

Summing up

Naomi Korn
4:15 pm


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