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Cyber-security managers

Cyber-security managers

Cyber security managers are responsible for protecting an organisation from cyber security threats, detecting potential threats, responding to security breaches and threats and managing the process of recovering from any breaches that do occur.

Cyber security encompasses both the technical side of protecting information and systems which includes vulnerability patching, data encryption and scanning for vulnerabilities as well as policy and risk management which involves assessing vendor risks, contracts and terms of service and ensuring other teams within the organisation understand third party risk issues, data protection and privacy. A cyber security team could have one or many cyber security managers working in it depending on the size of the organisation.

Qualifications and experience

The specific responsibilities of a cyber security role will depend on whether you’re a team of one and responsible for everything or if you’re working with others with more specific areas of responsibility. Either way, you’ll need an understanding of risk management, vendor management, information architecture, data protection and privacy as well as coding skills (C, C++) and knowledge of web applications and system administration.

Cyber security managers usually come from an IT, information architecture or information systems background.

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