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FEDIP registrations open



New recognition and opportunities for healthcare library and information professionals with FEDIP

A new registration programme has been launched that will raise the profile of librarians and information professionals working in the health and care sector. The profession plays an important role in improving patient care in a variety of ways, and the new programme will provide greater recognition.

CILIP has been working closely with several partner bodies to form and launch the Federation for Informatics Professionals (FEDIP), which is primarily focussed on standards and registration.

David Stewart, CILIP President Elect and healthcare information professional said, “I’m delighted that CILIP is taking this step with partners to increase the profile and recognition of healthcare informatics professionals. Registering with FEDIP is open to anyone working in health and care informatics: whether you are a librarian, a knowledge manager or anywhere in between. If you improve delivery of services through knowledge and information, then registering with FEDIP will benefit you, illustrating that what you do is part of the wider informatics world.”

Existing and new members can register with FEDIP through CILIP. Find out more at

There are four levels of FEDIP Registration – linked to level of seniority – and it is only available to members of the partner bodies that are part of FEDIP – of which CILIP is one. Practising professionals in the health and care sector are encouraged to get involved.

The programme will bring many allied professionals together under common areas of practice that are helping to deliver better health and care services. It is anticipated that by introducing registration it will raise the profile of those supporting care through information, knowledge and digital services.



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Published: 12 June 2018


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