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Why have the membership categories and subscriptions changed?

It is essential that CILIP is accessible to everyone who works with information and libraries. The new approach to membership combines a more inclusive approach with simplicity and affordability.

Membership is open to all - whether you are studying, starting out in your career, retired, developing your professional expertise, or an established or aspiring leader. 

The four categories of membership are Leader, Member, Student and Registered Professional. You will receive tailored benefits depending on the category. Concessionary rates are available for lower earners, if you are unwaged or retired.

Find out more about the benefits, categories and subscription prices

What are the different benefits and services I can get?

You can check out some the reasons for being a CILIP member on our membership benefits page.

What are CILIP's member rates?

You can find the standard and concession rates on CILIP’s membership page.

I am a student, do I get a discount? 

Student members get a significant discount at £40 a year. Student membership is available if you are studying full or part time in an academic or vocational qualification related to the Information Profession. It is also available if you’re on a graduate trainee scheme.

I am retired, do I get a discount? 

Retired members are eligible for concessionary rates. There is no longer a specific Retired members category. Find out more about the benefits, categories and subscription prices.

I am unwaged/low waged do I get a discount? 

We have concessionary rates if you are currently unwaged or on a lower salary. Find out more about the benefits, categories and subscription prices.

I live outside the UK - do I get a discount?

There is more support than ever for members wherever you live in the world. To reflect these improvements members pay the same rates wherever they live. You will be entitled to the same discounts if you are a student, unwaged, a lower earner or retired. Find out more about the benefits, categories and subscription prices.

What happened to other discounted rates?

  • KIM discount: With the introduction of the new membership model, the amount a member would pay is now lower than under the previous rates. For this reason the KIM discount has been discontinued.
  • 25% renewal discount: This was a temporary offer and was only intended to be available for a short period of time.
  • New Professional 50% discount: With the introduction of the new membership model, the amount a member pays would in many cases be lower than under the previous rates. For this reason the New Professional discount has been discounted.

How can I pay my membership subscription?

You can pay for your membership subscription in 12 monthly instalments from your preferred bank card. You can also pay it annually by debit/credit card, cheque, or invoice.

How do I join as a Registered Professional?

Once you’ve joined you build your portfolio of Continuous Professional Development activities with a dedicated mentor. Once you’ve passed you can become a Registered Professional member and use the postnominals ACLIP, MCLIP or FCLIP.

If you were previously a member with a CILIP postnominal you can pick up where you left off, you simply need to revalidate after joining.

Can I pay my membership in instalments? 

Yes – when you get to the payment page of the join process, you will be able to select instalments, but then please ensure that you select pay by card.

Can I pay my membership by direct debit?

We are temporarily unable to accept new direct debit instructions, but we hope to have this available again early next year. (If you are an existing member who already pays by direct debit you will be able to continue to do so).

Do I retain my previous CILIP Membership number?

With the launch of our new membership management platform, you will be issued with a new membership number. You will be able to see your new number on your social link profile and you should also receive a member card in the post in the first few months of 2018.

How can I renew my membership?

30 days before your membership expires, a link will become available on your profile page. We will also email you when you're due to renew and send a letter if we do not have your email address.

Where do I find the Register of Practictioners?

You will find the Register of Practitioners at the foot of CILIP's homepage and can also be found linked here.

Leaders Network

What is the Leaders Network?

The Leaders Network is for library and information professionals in leadership roles or who are aspiring leaders.

Whether you are developing strategies, motivating your team, managing budgets and projects or advocating for your service the Leaders Network will give you the resources and support you need to take the next step in your career.

You can find out more about the Leaders Network on the CILIP website.

Can anyone join the Leaders Network?

Any CILIP member can join the Leaders Network. It has been created to support those in leadership or management roles AND those who are aspiring to those roles. You can find information on the benefits and price of joining on the Leaders Network page.

Are there entry requirements for the Leaders Network?

No. Anyone who would like to join the Leaders’ Network can do so, provided you have paid the annual subscription.

How do I join the Leaders Network?

To join the Leaders Network if you aren’t currently a CILIP member, select the Join CILIP button in the lower right hand corner of this page and go through the joining process.

If you want to join and you’re already a CILIP member, select the Upgrade to Leader button on this page and fill in the Leaders Network application form.  

Our membership team will then work out how much extra you have to pay up till your next renewal date and will be in touch with your payment options.

How much is a Leaders Network subscription? Do I pay an additional fee on top of my other membership subscription?

The annual subscription to the Leaders Network is £220. If you earn less than £20,000 a year the concessionary rate of £180 per year is available. You will receive all the benefits of the Leaders’ Network and your chosen membership category – either as a Student, Member or Registered Professional.

Can Honorary Fellows and Life Members join the Leaders Network?

Yes. Honorary Fellows and Life Members need to pay a £90 top up fee that will then give them access to the Leaders Network and its associated benefits.

Registered Professionals

I used to be a member and want to rejoin. Do I get to use my postnominals?

If you previously achieved a level of Professional Registration you will be eligible to use your postnominal again provided you revalidate. More information can be found on CILIP’s Professional Registration Revalidation page.

How do I revalidate?

You need to have completed a minimum of 20 hours of CPD in the last year as well as submitting a 250 word (maximum) reflective statement focusing on how you have developed your knowledge over the year. The process is done online – simply log in to the VLE via the CILIP website. More information can be found here on CILIP’s Professional Registration Revalidation page.

When can I enrol on Professional Registration?

Any time. The only requirement is that you are a current CILIP member, either as a Student, Member or Leader. For more information go to CILIP’s Professional Registration page.

Does the annual subscription rate cover the enrolment and submission fees?

No. The Separate enrolment and submission fees contribute towards the administrative processes involved with supporting you through Professional Registration.

Why are Registered Professional rates higher than the Member rates? Are there added benefits that a Registered Professionals will receive that standard Members don’t?

Holding Professional Registration is a demonstrable sign of professional status and competence. The added benefits include increased career and earning opportunities (shown by previous research). Registered Professionals are also able to use their postnominals and these are displayed (along with their last revalidation date) on the Register of Practitioners, a public document that verifies your professional standing.  


Is CILIP allowed to make the changes to the subscription rates?

Yes. According to our current Regulations subscriptions may be set at a General Meeting and under certain circumstances be set by CILIP Board. Members voted in the changes at a General Meeting in March 2017.

Changes to CILIP’s website

Why have you launched a new website?

Our new website provides a range of benefits to our members and customers. It is now easier to connect with fellow professionals and CILIP networks, build your profile, manage the emails you receive, and to find and book events. This is the start of the new website and we will continue to develop it and improve your experience. 

Why can’t I change my username?

To make sure members have the best experience possible using the website we need to avoid duplicate entries so usernames are fixed and cannot be changed once set. 

Why can’t I log in using my old password?

We take your security seriously and in the move to a new membership management system we have reset all members’ passwords.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, you will need to log into your profile on SocialLink and go to password change (see below). You will find instructions on how to do this on our SocialLink guide. Your password must be a minimum of eight characters in length and contain at least one number and one non-numeric character (eg punctuation marks)

What is SocialLink?

SocialLink is a private social network for CILIP members, making it easier for you to network and share ideas and best practice with other members. You can access SocialLink either through the website or via a mobile app. We’ve written a guide to help you finding your way around SocialLink.

How do I log into SocialLink?

You can find a guide to getting started with SocialLink here.

How do I find people on SocialLink?

One of the great advantages of SocialLink is the ability to find and network with likeminded professionals. You can find a guide on how to find other members here.

How can I add or remove myself from Special Interest Groups, Regional Groups or Devolved Nations?

One of the great advantages of our new membership offering is you can now add yourself to as many special interest groups, regional groups or devolved nations as you want. You can find how to do this in our SocialLink guide.

How do I upload my profile photo on the CILIP website?

You can find instructions on how to update your personal photo on CILIP’s website with our SocialLink guide

How do I manage the emails I receive from CILIP and SocialLink?

You can find a guide to managing your profile on SocialLink and managing what emails you receive from CILIP by changing your profile settings. Head to our for SocialLink guide for help in updating your personal profile

How do I change what information I share with other members?

You can manage what members and non members can see by adjusting your profile settings. Head to our SocialLink guide for more information.

I do not want a profile on SocialLink. How do I stop this?

SocialLink provides a valuable means for you to network with other people within the library and information community. If you would like your profile made invisible on SocialLink, email the membership administration team using our contact form

How do I access the VLE?

You can reach CILIP’s Virtual Learning Environment by going in here  or alternatively going to Membership > Benefits > Virtual Learning Environment in the main menu. 

Why can’t I find Update Magazine online?

Information Professional, the sector's leading magazine launched in November 2017 and replaced CILIP Update. The magazine is available to members in print and via the Information Professional App either via iOS (iPad and iPhone) or Android app for which you’ll need your member username and password.

An archive of CILIP Update Magazine can be found on the CILIP website.

Why haven’t I received my weekly e-newsletter?

If you haven’t received CILIP’s weekly members email and you’re wondering why, the first thing you should do is check your email preferences  at the end of your profile page. If this states that you should be receiving the weekly e-newsletter, contact the membership administration team using the contact form and we will look into this further. 

How can I suggest improvements?

We’re constantly working to improve the benefits and services that members receive and we value all the feedback that we receive. If you would like to provide us with feedback, please use our contact form.


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