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Let Libraries Lend ebooks

E-lending and libraries

As more and more consumers engage with content across multiple platforms, including mobile phones, tablets and e-readers, it is important that libraries are able to offer a comprehensive and exciting range of reading materials in electronic formats.

CILIP believes that the library sector ought to work together with rightsholders, content creators, publishers, distributors and retailers to create a balanced ecosystem in which each of us can deliver services to the public on a basis that is sustainable and fair.

We are committed to working together with the book and ebook industry to find solutions that allow libraries to e-lend to their users without undermining the supply chain of quality content.

What we want

We believe that collaboration with the book industry is more realistic, achievable and ultimately sustainable than seeking primary legislation permitting libraries to e-lend.

Our aim is to work in partnership with industry to model a long-term solution for e-lending and then to work together to implement this solution, including any necessary legislative changes.

Our programme for e-lending in libraries is therefore:

  • To bring together a broad coalition across the book and ebook industry
  • To model the flows of value across this ecosystem
  • To understand the ‘pain points’ which inhibit collaboration within the ecosystem
  • To work together to improve research and evidence relating to these pain points
  • Based on this understanding, to model and implement mutually-beneficial solutions

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