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Membership terms and conditions

This page provides an overview of the key terms and conditions of CILIP membership. CILIP’s activities are set out clearly in the Royal Charter and all members are subject to a comprehensive set of Bye-laws, Regulations, Ethical Principles and Code of Professional Practice. These are referred to in this page, but should be read in full for detailed information.

Terms and Conditions are therefore subject to any changes which may be made to the Bye-Laws or General Regulations

It is expected that both CILIP and its membership shall act in accordance with the clauses set out in both Bye-laws and Regulations.

1.    Categories and Privileges of Membership


1.1.  The categories of Membership and the privileges and obligations applicable to each category shall be established by Regulations provided that Organisation Members shall not be entitled to vote at General Meetings nor on the election of Board Members, nor to hold office in the Institute.

1.2.  Membership shall not be transferable and shall cease on death. All the privileges of membership shall be enjoyed by a Member for his or her own benefit and the Member shall not be entitled to transfer such privileges or any of the benefits derived there from to any other person, firm, company or body.


2.    Subscriptions


2.1.  The Institute in a General Meeting shall have power to determine the amount of all subscriptions, entrance, registration, admission and other fees (except for examination fees) payable by the Members. The Board, however, shall have the power to make Regulations for the payment of subscriptions (including payment by instalment) and for suspension and expulsion from the Institute in the case of a Member failing to pay. The Board may also make Regulations admitting persons to membership or continuing Members in membership at reduced subscriptions. Members paying reduced subscriptions shall enjoy all the privileges of membership applicable to their category of membership, including voting and the receipt of publications usually distributed to Members. The amount of examination fees shall be determined from time to time by the Board.

2.2.  Annual subscriptions shall be due and payable in advance each year on the anniversary of the Member joining. If a Member’s subscription is not paid within 60 days of the due date for payment then his, her or its membership shall be deemed to have lapsed and the Member shall not be entitled to vote on any matter in respect of which he or she (if an Individual Member) would otherwise be entitled to vote.

2.3.  If an Individual Member whose right to vote has lapsed under Regulation 3.2 pays his or her subscription within a further 60 days then his or her rights to vote shall be restored.

2.4.  A Member whose subscription is not paid within 120 days of the due date for payment shall be deemed to have resigned and shall automatically cease to be a Member.


3.    Admission, Removal and Reinstatement of Members


3.1.  Members shall be admitted by the Board and may be removed in accordance with the procedures prescribed in Regulations.

3.2.  The Board shall have power to reinstate any Member whose membership has been cancelled for any reason, and may cause reinstatement to be subject to previous compliance with such conditions as it may determine, including the payment of subscriptions in arrears.

3.3.  There shall be maintained at the offices of the Institute a Register of Members containing the names of all Members identifying their category of membership and identifying those who are Registered Practitioners. Copies of the Register of Members shall be published in such manner and at such intervals as the Board shall decide.


4.    Conduct of Members


4.1.  The Board shall have power to issue a set of Ethical Principles and Code of Professional Practice setting out the standards of professional behaviour expected of Members and may from time to time amend the ethical principles and code or any part or parts thereof.

4.2.  Every Member (including every Organisation Member and its representatives ) shall observe the provisions of the Charter, the Bye-laws and the Regulations and shall conduct him or herself in such a manner as shall not prejudice his or her professional status or the reputation of the Institute and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing shall, in particular, comply at all times with the Ethical Principles and Code of Professional Practice prescribed and published by the Board under the provisions of the last preceding Bye-law.

4.3.  The Board shall make and publish Regulations for the conduct of the disciplinary proceedings in respect of any complaint made against a Member and such Regulations may establish a range of sanctions including the suspension or expulsion of a Member.

4.4.  Disciplinary proceedings shall be conducted by the Disciplinary Committee as prescribed by these Bye-laws and Regulations.


5.    References

For a full and detailed description of terms and conditions of membership, please refer to:

·       CILIP Bye-laws

·       CILIP General Regulations

·       Ethical Principles

·       Code of Professional Practice



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