Posters: famous faces

Download posters of famous people who have given their support to libraries.

  • Jacob Sam-La Rose poster for libraries

    Jacob Sam-La Rose, poet, author, performer and educator, has joined the poster campaign by CILIP, the library and information association, promoting the importance of libraries. The poster is available to download for free. 

  • Libraries are where minds flourish and grow. They are like a kind of water supply.

    Stephen Fry poster for libraries

    Download and print off a “Powered by libraries” Stephen Fry poster to promote the importance of libraries in your community.

  • ""Libraries are places where exciting, radical and sometimes dangerous ideas are born." Professor Mary Beard

    Mary Beard poster for libraries

    Professor Mary Beard, classicist, author and broadcaster has supported libraries by becoming the the latest face of CILIP's poster campaign. The poster is available to downoad for free.