Institutional repositories and metadata

Adding metadata tags to materials in institutional repositories increases their visibility.  This course explores the main metadata standards that are used for information management and retrieval in institutional repositories.

Learning outcomes

This course will improve the performance and retrievability of material from institutional repositories.  

By the end of the course participants will have:

  • Considered the different approaches to institutional repositories.
  • Explored the fundamental concepts of metadata.
  • Reviewed the main metadata standards used in institutional repositories.
  • Learned about encoding schemes and controlled vocabularies.
  • Practised retrieving information from different types of institutional repository.

This programme is of interest to library, information adn knowledge managment staff with responsibility for cataloguing and tagging materials in institutional repositories and for their managers.  It will also be useful for staff who regularly search for research material. Please note that this course is not about setting up an institutional repository. Organisations may also benefit by offering the CILIP course on Metadata Essentials beforehand.

Sample programme

  • Introduction and context.
  • A rapid introduction to metadata.
  • Who are your users? (exercise).
  • Metadata standards – Dublin Core.
  • Other metadata standards.
  • Encoding schemes and taxonomies (exercise).
  • Metadata to manage institutional repositories.
  • Searching institutional repositories (exercise).
  • Areas of development.

About the trainer

David Haynes

David Haynes is an information consultant who has developed taxonomies, file plans, thesauri and classification schemes for a variety of clients in the public, private and third sectors.  He is course tutor for several CILIP courses on Metadata and Taxonomies.  He is also author of Metadata for Information Management and Retrieval (Facet, 2004)