Copyright and licensing

We offer a range of onsite programmes on copyright and licensing, including copyright compliance, digital copyright, and negotiating licences. Programmes can also be tailored further to meet your needs.

  • Copyright and e-learning

    Librarians often provide copyright advice for others within their organisations who wish to copy or share resources. Increasingly organisations are taking advantage of new technologies to deliver teaching and training, such as by using a virtual learning environment (VLE) to share resources and activities with learners. This one-day workshop provides an overview of copyright issues associated with e-learning including using published content, online resources, audio-visual materials and social media.

  • Copyright compliance: practical steps to stay within the law

    Ensure your organisation’s copying activities are copyright compliant with this one-day programme. The course considers how to pro-actively ensure copyright compliance, as well as setting out what can happen if your organisation is accused of copyright infringement. The programme will include how to determine if your copying has the necessary authorisation; identifying high, medium and low risk activities and how to minimise those risks.

  • Copyright for beginners

    This course provides a full grounding in the basic principles and concepts of copyright law and includes two practical sessions which provide an opportunity for participants to build up their knowledge of copyright. There are plenty of opportunities throughout the day for participants to ask questions and to share their experiences of copyright issues.

  • Copyright Update

    This course provides an overview of the changes to the copyright legislation which have occurred recently. It highlights the areas that are most relevant to library and information professionals and it runs through the copying activities that practitioners can now benefit from which were not available before the law was amended.

  • Digital copyright

    This programme provides an opportunity for information staff to update their knowledge of current copyright issues in relation to digital information.

  • Negotiating licences for electronic products

    This one day course offers a better understanding of licence agreements and the challenges involved in contract negotiation.

  • Solving copyright problems

    Copyright problems and dilemmas can often seem to be intimidating because they can be complex and also because of a lack of black and white answers. This new half day course helps to break any copyright problem down into a number of component parts. In doing so it helps information professionals to feel more confident about where to start when faced with a copyright dilemma. It does so by providing a four-step approach which can be used when trying to solve any copyright problem.