Professional Librarians: Leaflet

This leaflet has been produced by the School Libraries Group of CILIP for all current and potential stakeholders (including parents, governors, teachers and students) in schools. The leaflet outlines what a professional Librarian, and the Library service they lead, will provide to pupils and the whole school community and why that is important.

This leaflet is available for you to download and print. In particular, if you are:

  • a parent of a prospective secondary school student, be sure to read and take it with you when you are visiting schools that you are considering for your child. The questions on the back provide pointers to look for and ask about.
  • a governor, ensure you are aware of the contribution that your school Librarian already makes, or to ask questions about the difference that a librarian and school library could potentially make to the students and teachers in your school. Does your school meet the requirements that the questions on the back of the leaflet ask about?
  • a school librarian, please do use this leaflet to exemplify the work that you do for events such as open days or evenings for prospective students and parents, or to share with colleagues in your school or within your local networks.

Feel free to use this leaflet to demonstrate the difference your school Librarian can make to your children, or the children in your school, in any way you see fit.

There are two PDF versions of the leaflet below: the first being a high-resolution file, and the second a low-resolution version. Please download, print and share with your school community, other stakeholders and interested parties.