Cilip in Sussex Portfolio Building Event, 14th October, Crawley

Cilip in Sussex ran a portfolio building event in mid-October, and AnneMarie Frank, an attendee and chartership candidate, wrote this reflective report on the evening:

"In September 2015 I embarked on my Chartership and found the VLE and PKSB overwhelming. So I was grateful to attend the portfolio building workshop that was hosted by Crawley Library on October 14 2015. Franko Kowalczuk, who presented us with his slide show was very encouraging. I learned a lot from the other attendees during questions at the end of the presentation because they had they had similar questions to the ones that I had: how to use the PKSB in its two formats, how to organise and compile evidence and reflect on those areas that was being developed. In addition, Rachel Bramley from my local branch (and organiser of this workshop)  provided me with the relevant information so that I can be more connected to CILIP events. So what I have learned is that I need to be more active within CILIP and other portfolio builders could be an important source of support in my process of attaining my professional CILIP qualification and CILIP news. Therefore I am now registering with jisc mail and become more active in my local area."