Networking: connecting with other Groups, with regional networks or devolved nations, with other professional bodies, with members, non-members and would-be members - UKeiG wants to support professional communication around any of our spheres of interest.

If you would like to work with us to create an event, there is an e-mail link at the foot of the page.

As well as formal professional development events, UKeiG is already running a series of less formal meetings - sometimes jointly with other groups or regional networks - to chat and swap ideas. There may be speakers or facilitators or it may be simply a social networking event focused on some aspect of our work or your interests.

There's nothing quite like talking to, sharing ideas with and learning from other information professionals. We love to work with other professional groups and organisations to create networking opportunities for our members and others.

Future Events

If you have an idea for an informal networking event - either in an afternoon or possibly after work - please let us know. We will get in touch with you, flesh out the idea and we'll be networking!

Please contact the Group's administrator,, in the first instance.