eBooks accessibility audit 2016

The audit findings are now available. 

The eBook accessibility audit sought to benchmark accessibility in eBook platforms by focussing on key areas of practical user experience to measure basic accessibility functionality. The audit was a "non-technical" accessibility survey restricted to things that can be quickly and easily checked by a non-specialist. The audit focuses on eBooks supplied to the education sector in the United Kingdom (rather than books for mainstream commercial consumption e.g. popular fiction).

Reports detailing the audit results for each platform have been added to the Individual Platform Feedback Reports section of the website. The table on page 6 of the reports may be particularly useful for Library staff - it gives an at-a-glance view of how well the platform met each of the criteria.  We will now be encouraging platforms to look at their own report and hopefully use it to inform developments.

There is also information on the Key elements of eBook accessibility which describes the criteria used to audit the eBooks along with an explanation of why each of them is important for accessibility. 

For questions or comments, please email ebookaudithelp@gmail.com