eLucidate 12 (1) Easter Issue published

[01 Apr 2015] The first issue of eLucidate for 2015 offers an eclectic mix of content. As well as the usual book reviews and online resource updates there is:

  • An overview of last year's Internet Librarian International
  • David Ball celebrates the rise and rise of open access publishing and updates us on two key European projects
  • Bernadette John explores the developing paradigm of digital professionalism. Is social networking savvy the next phase of online literacy, and something we should be much more actively engaged in? Could your digital profile harm your career or the reputation of the organisation you work for?
  • Martin De Saulles highlights some practical uses of Google Trends in his new web and social media analytics column
  • Michael Upshall explains the complex and intriguing processes that go into creating and updating Wikipedia content
  • There are two significant articles on intranets. Martin White offers insightful advice on how to approach content migration projects. Dion Lindsay explores how to develop your intranet to better engage with colleagues and to inspire buy-in for organisational strategy

The current issue is at: http://www.cilip.org.uk/uk-einformation-group/elucidate/elucidate-current-issue and will shortly also be available on the CILIP Update App.

Gary Horrocks, the editor, is keen to receive contributions from the membership. Drop him an email if you want to get involved at gary.horrocks@gmail.com