Emerald's Zero Embargo Trial for 21 Journals

[23 July 2015] Richard Poynder reported on JISC-Repositories that "Emerald Group Publishing [had] announced that it is launching a Green Open Access, Zero Embargo trial for 21 Library and Information Science and Information and Knowledge Management journals." He writes in more details on his 'Open and Shut' blog documenting RCUK's preference for Gold OA and Emerald Group Publishing's initial 24-month Green Embargo (much in the style of the Elsevier 2011 embargo) as well as the background to it and to the more recent announcement. The Emerald press release notes:
"Emerald made the decision to trial the zero month embargo period following consultation with its newly formed Librarian Advisory Group (LAG). The group is made up of leading editors and authors from Emerald Library Studies and Information Management journals, alongside other key academics in Library Studies and adjacent disciplines. The group discusses and advises Emerald on issues of common interest in the LIS field including Open Access policy and editorial best practice.”

Richard Poynder - who has written on Open Access for many years - writes:
"But what impact is it likely to have? That we do not know, not least because - somewhat ironically given that they have historically been some of the most vociferous advocates for OA - librarians have not been good at walking the talk on open access. We also do not know how many librarians are subject to an OA policy, and those who are not are already free to self-archive immediately."

Read the blog post for a full analysis of the situation... including mention of the significant Emerald price rise in Article Processing Charges and the suggestion that  RCUK’s policy is fuelling such price inflation.