Ex-Trustee, Nick Poole, to become CILIP's new Chief Executive

[17 Mar 2015] CILIP have announced the name of Annie Mauger's replacement! Starting in late June, Nick Poole, currently CEO of the Collections Trust, will become the new Chief Executive Officer of CILIP - until then Jill Colbert will remain interim CEO. Nick was a CILIP Trustee until last November and has served as Treasurer - this, and his previous work for the Collections Trust and the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) will stand him in good stead for his challenging new post. He has said that he wishes "to ensure that the skills and expertise of our members are championed as widely as possible, nationally and locally... CILIP needs to be able to offer leadership, support and encouragement to professionals working to promote information literacy across industry, media, education and Government." His background and previous work suggest that this is a role he will be able to undertake.

The full CILIP press release can be found here.